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  • Mellow Mushroom "First wife" (2016) :15 (USA)
    Mellow Mushroom "First wife" (2016) :15 (USA)

    "Mellow Mushroom can give you a more satisfying eating experience than you had with your first wife." Wow. That's taking the voice over to a whole other level of extremity.

  • Merry Molldays!

    Created this little e-card that you can email to your friends. (yes - you should click "read more" now to see what on earth I'm yakkin' about.)

  • Click on those who click on ad-rag

    In case you wondered what the banners with visiting IP's and domains is doing up there, they are there to amuse you.

    The banners consist of visiting IP's and domains and also lead to their sites. By clicking on the banner, you'll surf another Adland visitors site.

  • Adland Sells out. To you!

    Did I get your attention? Good.

    Yes, well lets face it. Bandwidth Costs, and so does producing content. Just like in magazines. This site, runs on a few machines (called acme and apex), and is hooked up to the net 24/7 at some cool ISP's co-location. Naturally, stuff like hardware and co-lo space rent, costs what most call "money".

    A lot of it.

    It's a real drag yes. 67,000 films where played off the server last month and that amounted to 191 gigabytes of bandwidth more than expected. And the price?
    Just about the same as decent 17 inch screen. And that's just one month. I've been forking that out of my own personal pocket since 1999. Like most ladies, I'd rather spend my own money on say, lots of shoes - but I have been paying for this sites survival instead.

    Them bills with a lot more gigabytes on it will keep coming every month. I can either turn it off, ask you to chip in , or I could sell my soul to the devil and start popping up banners on parts of your desktop never touched before. *shiver* Having ad-revenue being the only monetary support for a website will make us fall into the trap of the numbers game, posting things specifically to get eyeballs such as topless celebrities and scraped stuff from other sources, instead of actually making a broad archive of all ads and reporting on adnews without Britney Spears in it.

    Now that latter suggestion sort of goes against the idea of a site dedicated to the uncensored rantings and ravings of adgrunts, and the educational viewing of old collected commercials (admit it, you love 'em). The other idea, of asking you to pretty please to chip in is pretty much dying too. See, out of 18000 unique visitors on average daily, only two donated a few bucks (and that was way back last year ...).

    Aw bugger, we have now arrived at the pay-per-play conclusion. You sign up and log in, you want to watch a film, you'll have to pay a monthly fee.

    As a non-paying member, you are still a member, you can read all articles (except anything within the category commmercials), and comment etc, the only difference is that if you pay for a months subscribtion, you see films too. You
    will not be paying for the content of watching the films - you are paying for the bandwidth you use while watching the films. Hopefully, two bucks will cover it.

    Compare it to borrowing my car, you can borrow it as much as you want, but fill the tank yourself, as you are the one using the gas. ;-)

    Do read more...... There's lots more.

  • why two bucks? (as in €)

    the community is free - the commercials are extra.

    Hey, this is me, Dabitch (as seen above with the server, acme). I decided to rewrite this completley to avoid any misunderstandings.

    All ad-news articles, all Badland articles, all forum messages here are free. Being an adgrunt is free. The community is free.

    Access to the commercial-archive - including the 27 years of superbowl commercials - however, isn't. Serving more than thirtythousand ads is very costly for me in bandwidth alone (nevermind hardware!) and after shelling out the sum of decent 17 inch screen every month, since 1999, for the bandwidth from my own personal pocket, I decided in 2002 that it would be better if we all shared the cost.

    If several thousand people like the site, then several thousand people can chip in for the sites cost, making it really cheap for all of us! (Instead of a burdon on me alone.. Get it?)
    And it will save all of us from selling off our privacy to advertisers and spilling banners all over the place! No ads, No pop-ups, No paid news placements and no sneaky email harvesting for money tactics. All logged in adgrunts live in banner-free heaven. I really hate all that stuff - and I suspect you do too. Sound cool?

  • Santa speaks out - an Adland exclusive post-Christmas interview.

    Santa's been through a lot in recent years - the trend away from homes with working chimneys, the rise in electronic home security systems, bad role model accusations by militant nutritionists, relentless charges of paganism from overzealous conservative groups, etc. - but his good and noble spirit has shown through mostly intact. However, this year's crop of commercials featuring Jolly Old Saint Nick has Santa seeing a little bit of red.

    We offered him a forum to let his concerns be heard, and he accepted with great gusto and vehemence. Here then, is Adland's exclusive post-Christmas interview with Santa Claus...




Smile Asia "The cleft collection" (2018) 2:07 (Singapore)
Smile Asia "The cleft collection" (2018) 2:07 (Singapore)

To create awareness about how different it is to eat with a cleft lip and palate, Smile Asia created a special tasting meal in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton, with specially designed serving ut

Missouri Lotto "Serengeti" (2018) :30 (USA)
Missouri Lotto "Serengeti" (2018) :30 (USA)

To give you a little taste of the Big Serengeti Adventure you can win from the Missouri lottery, this spot features the little Serengeti and it's so freaking cute, I cant' stand it.

Rak’n’Roll "Percent Beer" (2018) 1:35 (Poland)
Rak’n’Roll "Percent Beer" (2018) 1:35 (Poland)

The Rak’n’Roll charity foundation has been working to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. But like all charities, it is often difficult to raise donations.

Ikea "Marry Harry' (2018) 1:00 (Germany)
Ikea "Marry Harry' (2018) 1:00 (Germany)

Just in time for the Royal Wedding, Ikea comes out with this silly but charming spot in which to tout their Harry chair. See, at first you think it's about Prince Harry but nope, it's the chair.

BMW Motorrad USA "Someday" (2018) 3:53 (USA)
BMW Motorrad USA "Someday" (2018) 3:53 (USA)

Brother and sister hit the open road for a camping trip, ignoring their voicemails instead opting for a fantastic ride on their BMW motorcycles.

FlyGTA created some air sickness bags you'll want to keep

Toronto, Canada. FlyGTA, Toronto’s ultra-short haul carrier, has collaborated with Toronto street artists Runt, Jimmy Chiale and Uber5000 to design their air sickness bags.