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  • eHow-'How Not To'-(2011):60sec(USA)

    Actor was shot with a real taser...But he was wearing protection under his clothes that prevented him from actually being electrocuted.

  • Jack Daniel's - As American As - (2011) :30 (USA)

    Fourth of July - time for fireworks, barbeques, and patriotic advertising. The latter is exactly what audioEngine helped deliver for Jack Daniel's, in a powerful spot directed by Prettybird's Max Malkin via Arnold. With mixer Rex Recker leading a team that included producer Jessie Meade and EP Sharon DiTullio-Tepper, audioEngine struck the perfect holiday note.

    As American As is a steady march through the great inventions of American ingenuity: the jukebox, motorcycle, television, blue jeans, automobile, motorcycle, radio, telephone and more, on through history, until a sturdy bottle of Jack Daniel's is slammed on a table, as American as anything else we've seen. As these images flash past on the screen, Recker perfectly blends a narrator's voiceover with the sounds of Gary Clark Jr.'s Bright Lights, plus the very delicate and subtle use of sound effects.

  • Krylon - Projects - (2011) :15 (US)

    Charlex recently completed Projects, the third and final installment in a series of new spots for Doner and client Sherwin-Williams and their line of Krylon paint sprays. The spot's objective was twofold; first, show off Krylon's Projects in a Can website; next, illustrate that idea by transforming a beaten-up old mailbox into a series of artfully themed and created mailboxes.

    To do this, the Charlex team cleverly turned the piece into a time-lapse sequence that follows a single mailbox over the course of some fifty years. "It was a great platform for us to use the Krylon product itself in different ways, and to challenge my art team to come up with a bunch of creative ideas for all the different mailboxes," explains Charlex Director Ryan Dunn.

  • Allan Grey - Time Flies / Child grows - (2011) :90 (South Africa)

    Way to get me all weepy eyed, Allan Grey. This story will go straight to the heart of most parents. As a child, all you want is to grow, be older and wiser, as a parent, all you want is to cherish every moment. Truth well told.

    You don't need to understand Afrikaans to understand the story. The mother at the start tells her daughter to that it's just five more sleepies until the big day. The daughter, impatient with counting wishes herself to next week and her birthday. She continues using her gift to fast-forward her life to ride big kid rides at the amusement park, to marry the boy of her dreams, to land that dream job. To skip the whole pregnancy and see the moment of her own daughters birth....






Citroën "Wooden 2VC" (2017) 1:30 (France)
Citroën "Wooden 2VC" (2017) 1:30 (France)

i'm a sucker for ads like this that use passionate brand advocates, in unexpected, organic ways.

KFC "Big Chicken, Small Movie" (2017) 5:10 (USA)
KFC "Big Chicken, Small Movie" (2017) 5:10 (USA)

The Big Chickenis a feature in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb just outside of Atlanta.

FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Coffee (2017) :35 (Indonesia)
FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Coffee (2017) :35 (Indonesia)

We were close like brothers. But our friendship ended, so says the voice over.

FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia)
FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia)

You don't see it coming until the end of the spot but it's hilarious and a nice, simple brief to work off of, too in this spot for FiberCreme.