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  • Orange - Phone Break during the movies - 2011 UK

    Orange loves customers so much that they now sponsor films to have telephone breaks so that people can call their cats at home when they're at the cinema....

  • Red Wing Shoes’ Puritan Stitch Machine - (2011)

    Brew has created this film for Red Wing shoes, which feels like a mini-documentary that would be right at home playing on the Discovery Channel. To sell the handcrafted boot to blue-collar workers that use big machines and need a quality shoe that won't wear out. Red Wing pays homage to the Puritan Stitch machines they use to stitch the leather together. This sewing machine on steroids is quite the hard worker, and those who 'drive it like car' every day have honed their skills, which in the end makes a really tough boot. I think I need a pair now.

  • DnB NOR - Hungover in Vegas / George Clooney - (2011)

    Woman wakes up after a wild night in Vegas (we presume) and finds that she's married to George Clooney. Yeah, that'll happen. Can someone explain the horse-head?

  • Farmers Insurance - University of Farmers / Celebration - (2011)

    Santa Monica, Calif., Sept. 19, 2011—Farmers Insurance is launching two new TV commercials in its successful University of Farmers® campaign developed by RPA and starring actor J.K.

  • MCAC - Rhian Touches Herself - (2011)

    Fancy seeing lingerie model and page 3 girl Rhian Sugden touch herself?

  • Vodafone Buffer Busters - augmented reality game app where you hunt monsters around cities.

    Vodafone invites consumers to engage in the quest against Buffer Monsters. Buffer monsters? Yes, buffer monsters, a nasty breed of virtual creatures that represent all the things that slows us down in life. You know, the little buffer-circle seen when it's lllloaaadingggg. These things are all over town! Catch them! Dump them at a Vodafone store when your buffer monster-cage is full and redeem points. The best buffer chasers will get a chance to win a free lifetime vodafone plan. Nice.

    Behind the concept as well as the production is the Swedish agency North Kingdom.






Citroën "Wooden 2VC" (2017) 1:30 (France)
Citroën "Wooden 2VC" (2017) 1:30 (France)

i'm a sucker for ads like this that use passionate brand advocates, in unexpected, organic ways.

KFC "Big Chicken, Small Movie" (2017) 5:10 (USA)
KFC "Big Chicken, Small Movie" (2017) 5:10 (USA)

The Big Chickenis a feature in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb just outside of Atlanta.

FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Coffee (2017) :35 (Indonesia)
FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Coffee (2017) :35 (Indonesia)

We were close like brothers. But our friendship ended, so says the voice over.

FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia)
FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia)

You don't see it coming until the end of the spot but it's hilarious and a nice, simple brief to work off of, too in this spot for FiberCreme.