Big brands are buying fraud ad inventory on youtube

Forbes has found an interesting glith in the matrix internet: Top brands are buying youtube ads that shouldn't exist. watched traffic and found that certain plugins are sneakily placing ads into premium pages such as youtube, where the ads should not be....


a52 and Rock Paper Scissors Add The Standard Society for Midwest Representation

a52 and RPS are excited to announce their new partnership with The Standard Society for representation in the MidWest. The Standard Society, co-founded by Katy Richter and Heather Guillen, joins the all-star sales force of Steven Monkarsh on the West Coast (a52 & RPS) and Ziegler/Jakubowicz on the East Coast (RPS NY).


LG promo event with BB guns and knives injures 20 people

Not sure who dreamt this one up, but certain s/he's fired. Twenty people were injured on Friday when they attended an event promoting a LG phone. With BB guns and knives taped to sticks, people raced to grab vouchers hanging from helium filled balloons.

Yes. Knives on sticks.

Thrown at helium filled balloons.

Nope, no way that could go wrong.


Roxy Goes Social with Global User-Generated “Dare Yourself” Campaign

Roxy, the world’s leading women’s lifestyle company, partnered with Digital Brand Architects and ClickFire Media to ask girls around the world: are you living life to the fullest? To extend this question to Roxy’s worldwide fan base, the boutique agency and digital design studio combined their expertise to create “Dare Yourself,” a social media campaign that challenged women to push their limits and empower themselves.


"Jens Stoltenberg drives a taxi" advertising stunt fools the world.

You've seen the headlines, in fact the whole world probably has. Everyone has written about it from The Guardian, the NSA-whistleblowing journalistic titan, to Huffington-post, the New York Post scraper.

But as we all know in advertising, those "man on the street" people are always vetted, nay cast, before they play their part in the "spontanious" real life with lots of hidden cameras stunt. Verdens Gang credits advertising guru Kjetil Try with the idea. Try explains that the passengers are cast/screened/hired before to ensure - of course - a good span of different ages, genders and social groups. That explains all the black people. The passengers were asked if they wanted to be in a film for Arbeiderpartiet, and told that they would be picked up in a taxi.



ACNE has signed the highly regarded Salon Reps, headed by company Founder and President Lisa Houck, as its new west coast sales team. With 15 years experience working with award-winning talent, expertise in sales strategy and brand development, and access to top agency creatives and producers, Houck is uniquely qualified to maximize ACNE’s position in the production and digital space.


LOGAN Adds Kevin Batten as New LA Managing Director

LOGAN has added ex-Superfad partner Kevin Batten as its new LA Managing Director. His immediate focus will include helping to build upon LOGAN’s talent pool, creating new revenue streams, and developing a cohesive brand message across both offices that speaks to the company’s design heritage and live-action and VFX evolution. Batten will focus on maintaining the studio’s strong culture of teamwork while adding new directorial and design talent.


Anomaly Amsterdam creates its first integrated campaign for FOX

Welcome to Dutchland is a teaser campaign that uses the old fish out of water sight gag with characters from Fox's hit movies and shows.

Walking Dead is my favorite because it makes a comment on the "coffee house culture," too. Silly stoners.


ECD of Firstborn schools the juniors of the world.

In a pointed post via medium, Firstborn ECD, David Snyder has written an extremely insightful post entitled "Dear Jr Creative…Earn Your Place. You’ll Be Better For It."

Snyder points out in no uncertain terms that a lot of juniors aren't willing to happily put in the grunt work to succeed. They're looking for a short cut despite being completely oblivious to business realities.

This is my favorite passage from the post:


AOL's Tim Armstrong fires Patch creative director Abel Lenz mid-meeting for iPhotography

You remember Patch, don't you? The brilliant idea of local news collected on a page or email like Bed-stuy or Virginia Highland-Druid Hills, and served up in one place. While Google muscled in on this territory by tailoring all searches to be both local and personal, Patch struggles. So AOL is dismantling Patch which is a crying shame, but somehow this news is overshadowed by the fact that AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong fired Patch creative director Abel Lenz for snapping a photos during a conference call with employees on August 9, 2013.