Goodpenny Inks Two Top Editors

Creative Studio Goodpenny has welcomed top editors John Marinis and Sven Herrmann into its fold. The additions come on the heels of Goodpenny’s Telly Award-winning spot for H&M, Grammy Award-winning mix for Jimmy Fallon’s Blow Your Pants Off, and score for the highly acclaimed Sleepwalk with Me.

Marinis brings vast experience to the Goodpenny edit team, with a reel that includes work for ESPN, Johnnie Walker, Olay, Hershey’s, YouTube, Kenneth Cole, Volkswagen, Tanqueray, and Nissan, among many others. He has collaborated with a torrent of top agencies and directors while working at many of New York’s top shops, including Cutting Room, Crew Cuts and Cut+Run. With an upbeat and vibrant approach to editing, Marinis emphasizes collaboration and fun as keys to his success.
“Goodpenny just felt like a natural fit,” Marinis says. “It’s a highly creative, open, and collaborative environment. I am excited to join the team and grow with the company as well as with my new colleagues.”


Marmite RSCPA/Child protective services ad leaves bad taste - 250 complaints to ASA

Rather expected, 250 viewers complained in the first day of the Marmites ads run. I told you that people would either love it or hate it, didn't I?

The complains say that the campaign trivializes work of animal charities and child protection agencies. The ad, below, which plays out the scenarios straight faced and with no hint of it being fake until one sees the marmite jars, can just like Marmite leave a bad taste for those who don't like it.


Data Cars taxi in trouble for "rape imagery" on ads

Data Cars London, a taxi service, are in a bit of trouble for their postcard ads. The image on it depicts a woman drenched through and with makeup running down her cheeks, clearly dressed for a party in a strapless gown and with a chiffon scarfs or similar wrapped around her arm, shivering in the rain.


Norwegian prime minister Stoltenberg's taxi stunt confirmed to be "street cast"

Only a couple of days after we concluded that Norway's Prime minister driving a taxi stunt has successfully been seen all around the world, and even The Lede (NYT) has written about the Norwegian leaders not-so-Candid-camera, the Norwegian Labour parties communications director Pia Gulbrandsen has made a blog post in English that confirms that some people were cast for the ad. Taxi Stoltenberg - English.


Why you still need to sing for your supper.

L.A. experimental rock band Marriages are in a bind. It seems their place was flooded and what wasn't lost to the flood was robbed by suspected gang members. So they've taken to crowd funding to try help cover the cost of their legal dispute with their landlord and help with their move.

This is sad for a few reasons.


Menta - Rooster-bat / open 24-7

Soooooo, this place is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week and that's why the rooster is a bat. What?

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Big brands are buying fraud ad inventory on youtube

Forbes has found an interesting glith in the matrix internet: Top brands are buying youtube ads that shouldn't exist. watched traffic and found that certain plugins are sneakily placing ads into premium pages such as youtube, where the ads should not be....


a52 and Rock Paper Scissors Add The Standard Society for Midwest Representation

a52 and RPS are excited to announce their new partnership with The Standard Society for representation in the MidWest. The Standard Society, co-founded by Katy Richter and Heather Guillen, joins the all-star sales force of Steven Monkarsh on the West Coast (a52 & RPS) and Ziegler/Jakubowicz on the East Coast (RPS NY).


LG promo event with BB guns and knives injures 20 people

Not sure who dreamt this one up, but certain s/he's fired. Twenty people were injured on Friday when they attended an event promoting a LG phone. With BB guns and knives taped to sticks, people raced to grab vouchers hanging from helium filled balloons.

Yes. Knives on sticks.

Thrown at helium filled balloons.

Nope, no way that could go wrong.


Roxy Goes Social with Global User-Generated “Dare Yourself” Campaign

Roxy, the world’s leading women’s lifestyle company, partnered with Digital Brand Architects and ClickFire Media to ask girls around the world: are you living life to the fullest? To extend this question to Roxy’s worldwide fan base, the boutique agency and digital design studio combined their expertise to create “Dare Yourself,” a social media campaign that challenged women to push their limits and empower themselves.