Rolling Stone isn't sitting well with Rock Royalty either.

Seems like it was only three days ago we talked about the editors of Rolling Stone's very dumb idea to drum up publicity by putting the Boston Bomber terrorist on its cover, and then played the "we're serious journalists" card when people got upset. But no matter how they tried to spin it, it a lot of people were unhappy about it. Some retail outlets removed the offending cover, because a lot of people were offended by it.

This caused some bone-headed twitter snarks to cary CENSORSHIP at the top of their lungs. News flash-- Rolling Stone's website is still up. Rolling Stone is still wildly available. Therefore, it hasn't been censored.


Naked Juice settles lawsuit because it isn't all that naked

Pepsi owned Naked Juice will pay $9 million to settle a class action law-suit
"alleging that it falsely advertised some of its juice and smoothie products as "all natural" and non-genetically modified," according to Law360 and LA Weekly.


Honey-Boo Boo launched with watch&smell cards

The TLC 'world premiere event' last Wednesday, July 17, " Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was launched with scratch&sniff cards. Watch and sniff! So when the redneck olympics of sliding around the kitchen linoleum drenched in butter happened, you could scratch your card and smell butter. When mama June sniffed a babies head, you could smell the scent of baby. "Scent of a baby" should be a chick-flick.

Jennifer Moody

The Colonie Adds Senior Motion Graphics Designer Jennifer Moody

Editorial studio continues to add to its post-production services as part of an overall expansion.

CHICAGO— The Colonie, the boutique editorial and post production studio, has added Senior Motion Graphic Designer Jennifer Moody to its creative team. Moody will work alongside Senior Motion Graphics Designer Lyndsay McCully, who joined the company five years ago, in designing and producing graphic elements for commercials and other projects.

No Means No

“No Means No”: Accomplice’s Hans Petter Moland Wins Gold Lion at Cannes for Public Service Ad that Changed Norwegian Rape Law

SANTA MONICA, CA—Women in Norway now have the same protections against unwanted sexual advances enjoyed by women in most other Western countries thanks to an award-winning public service advertising campaign conducted by Amnesty International. The group’s No Means No, which last week won a Gold PR Lion at Cannes, (having previously won a Gold Clio), stirred wide public outrage and eventually prompted the Norwegian government to change laws that defined rape as a sexual assault involving violence or threats, but not simply a lack of consent.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 2-minute public service announcement conceived by Oslo agency Try/Apt and directed by well-known Norwegian film and commercial director Hans Petter Moland (who works in the U.S. through Santa Monica-based Accomplice). The ad centers on a young woman who meets a man at a party. They hit it off and the man entices the woman to join him in an upstairs bedroom. She goes along but becomes increasingly uncomfortable as he presses her for sex. Despite her protests, the man forces himself on her, the encounter quickly turning ugly. To underscore the point about Norwegian rape laws, the girl’s cries of “no” are muted.


If the flu's wearing you out, try Oscillococcinum

No one likes the type of flu that drags on and on. I've never tried Oscillococcinum but I see it all the time in the store.
I like the name. It's

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BiG MACHiNE Promotes Sean Owolo To Company Partner

Visual production company BiG MACHiNE is pleased to announce that Executive Producer Sean Owolo has been promoted to company partner alongside Co-Founders/Creative Directors Steve Petersen and Ken Carlson. Owolo’s new role will allow each of the partners to focus on innovating the core disciplines of BiG MACHiNE’s business: Design & Animation, Live-Action Production and Content.


Move over Libero and Huggies, Armani now makes diapers

Forget the Huggies high fashion diapers, which followed the Libero fashion trend in Scandinavia, now Armani Russia sells diapers. Or diaper covers, rather. Because if you are a filthy rich Russian, of course your heir should be strutting their porch-baby stuff in branded cloth. Silver spoons don't just appear from nowhere, people! They have to be bought.


Rolling Stone proves Adland's social media theory.

By now most of you have heard Rolling Stone magazine generated controversy by featuring bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of its magazine as some tasty link bait. They then hid behind journalistic integrity like the cowards they are, not seeing the irony in link bait as being anything but journalistic integrity.

Regular people (you know: the consumer, the intended target, the potential readers of Rolling Stone, etc.) reacted with outrage on social media, and even created a Facebook Page to boycott them.

Now, I know, I know. I can hear you saying already: these boycotts never go anywhere. Right?


QR code exploit hacks Google Glass to send what it sees to man in the middle

Lookoutmobile found a way to exploit QR codes in order to hack Google Glass (crowd cheers), Google has already patched it (crowd boos), but it's still a very interesting hack as it allowed Lookoutmobile to 'see' what the Google glass wearer was seeing. The idea of wearing tech that can watch what you're watching doesn't freak you out in this NSA day and age? Really? Hello? (crowd disperses to give attention to other shiny things.)