Dolculax - Chicken / Pig - print ads, Colombia

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because strings? It can't comprehend the concept of a road. It's just looking for food. In fact, chicken brains are so small Mike the headless chicken lived for years after his head was chopped off.


NAPAC - Silence Fixed It For Jim - print, UK

Cogent Elliot, in London used the iconic Jim'll Fix It badge to support The National Association For People Abused In Childhood, hinting at the current Savile scandal. "Silence Fixed It For Jim (Savile)" Don't be silent.


Link lust: Link is the drug

Whatever happened to the Christmas bonus? In L.A. it's been long gone.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (naively) asks Reddit for help in crowd sourcing a copyright bill. Keep in mind, this is the same site that birthed the notorious jailbait-photo-posting, racist-acting troll, Violentacrez.


Giant Hobbit themed carousel the latest in Hobbit crazyness in New Zealand

New Zealand is going Hobbit crazy. Not just Air New Zealand who made their new Safety Feature film all Hobbit themed, but all of New Zealand. First, when you land at the airport you will be greeted by a very large Hobbit themed baggage carousel. Then you'll find a giant Gollum, marching dwarves and a giant Gandalf sculpture.


Ad Chat: Åsk "Dabitch" Wäppling

As we get close to another year’s end, today I’m turning the tables on the CEO of Adland to get her perspective on the current state of advertising vs. when she started this site back in 1996 when Clinton was President and Quad City Dj's had a hit with C'mon N' Ride It (The Train).

1. You’ve been doing this since 1996, Other than the obvious media changes, what other changes have you seen?

There's a lot less branding and a lot more "storytelling" these days. Not that there's anything wrong with telling a story, but sometimes it's so far off the map of the brand that one wonders why brands are putting money into it. Brands have given up their adjectives. Volvo is no longer "safe", Volkswagen is no longer "reliable", the Economist is no longer "informed." Instead brands are entertaining, or trying to entertain you, like they did in the late 90s with the BMW films. They hope that by catching a viral wave, they might sell some product.


Jägermeister - It runs deep - (2012) print

"Give it a shot". Really? This is the headline you come up with for a booze that is only served in shot-form? Jägermeister seems to be a difficult client, all over the map in what they approve. My guess is that the brief contained the words "Increase trial consumption".

Breaking nationally on Monday 26th November, ‘It Runs Deep’ celebrates the deep and meaningful bonds experienced between true friends and brought together through Jägermeister. The ethos also links directly back to the product and its depth – the legend of St. Hubertus, the brands heritage, the alchemy of the secret ingredients, its ice cold serve and its multi layered and complex taste that all runs deep.


Super Bowl XLVII: Ads of 2013

It's about that time of year when we start our spolier alert of upcoming Super Bowl ads. Currently about 95% of Super Bowl XLVII spots for 2013 are sold. The 30-second slots are going for a record $3.7 million to $3.8 million vs. an average $3.5 million during the 2012 broadcast on NBC. GM will be sitting on the sidelines this year as they feel the cost just isn't worth it.

So far, here are the companies you'll see dropping cash for air time:
Coca-Cola with 3 30-second spots. All we know is that they won't be bringing back the polar bears this year and a spokeswoman said the beverage giant will be in the game “with a new approach.” Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (source) put faces behind bars - 4 weeks for freedom are currently protesting the imprisonment of Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran and Ales Bialiatski in Belarus. Their street guerilla action is to hang images of them, with hands, on all the bars they can find in Amsterdam. That is on gates around peoples houses, parks and train stations. Private property, city property, definitely not Amnesty or a media property. Yes, ad creep is a peeve of mine if it means the city has to clean it up. Inexpensive ingenuity when it comes to media is how Amnesty gets attention since their media budget isn't large.


Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri gets into Facebook trouble for pinup girl on a Salami

Ralf Tebaay at Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri in Slöinge (I swear I'm not making any of this up) posted this picture to the sausage-makers facebook page and was inundated with negative comments immediately.

What a brainfart! A pinup girl on a salami. REALLY original guys, Why does there have to be a half-naked woman on every sellable product?

Said one commenter on the facebook page.

Yes, people didn't like the fact that there's a pinup-santa-girl on the Salami, which is named Matilda. There were even suggestions where they might stick it.


Another stocking stuffer to please an adgeek: the LOGO board game

Do you know which President who was said to drink Coca cola regularly? Can you name the St. Louis-based baseball team whose logo is a bird? Which candy is "the freshmaker"? What brand do choosy mothers choose? Can you fill in the blank here: "It's ____ or nothing"? Geek, meet your trivia-game the Logo Board Game. Yep.