When disaster strikes, a lot of ad agencies jump on the bandwagon with t-shirts, cards and blood drives. Problem is, if you work for a giant agency it often takes time to either align your good intentions with an appropriate client or even get internal approval. Next thing you know, it's a month later and what have you done?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy though, a few industry peeps got together and said 'eff this, we're not waiting,' And thus Sandvertising was born.


Union Bank 30 seconds of fame

So B-Reel and agency Eleven Inc is giving Union Bank fans a shot at thirty seconds of fame.

30 seconds? What happend to fifteen minutes? Sheesh.

The idea is, Because Union Bank allows customers to customize their plans, they might as well go ahead and customize the TV spot, too. Supposedly it's the first of its kind, with the interactivity and the chance to create over 40,000 different commercials.


Unconscious Branding

So there have been a few books written about branding


The Lost Choir - Mad World

 The Lost Choir - Mad World

Sometimes, power lies in simplicity of analogy. This ad from Grey Düsseldorf wants us to know that every three seconds a child dies from hunger, disease or from drinking contaminated water.

To commemorate the 20th of November's Universal Children's Day, The Wuppertaler Kurrende Boy's Choir performed Gary Jule's Mad World live in front of an unsuspecting audience who watched as the kids left the stage one after the other until there was just one, who delivered the "your donation can help," speech at the end.


Martin Clunes dropped by Churchill Advertising for losing his license.

Martin Clunes, the british actor perhaps best known as the star of Men Behaving Badly , and Doc Martin also is the spokesman for Churchill Insurance.

Sorry. I meant "was."

According to The Daily Mail, he was dropped as car insurance
spokesman "after he informed the company he had reached 12 points on his licence for speeding offences and was banned by magistrates under totting up rules."


Kebecson headphones bag, with headphone handle

Nowadays people won't get caught dead without a cool bag, anywhere from fitness companies to tea bags, so naturally Kebecson can't be left out. Their contribution - the headphone-handle-bag. Nice.


Multi-Platform Content Creation Company Antenna Launches in Los Angeles

New studio offers full spectrum of content creation services for commercial advertising, film and television.

Los Angeles—Antenna (, a full-service studio focused on multi-platform content creation for commercial advertising, film and television has launched in Los Angeles. The new company, which also features a satellite production facility in Europe, offers design, animation, visual effects, live action production, music composition and a broad range of digital services. It aims to provide advertising agencies, motion picture VFX producers, television studios and others with turn-key content-creation services for all media: theatrical, broadcast, online and print.


Yuekou online teen girls store has 72 year old grandfather as their main model

It all began one day when grandpa wanted to show his granddaughter something about layering clothes to create a look, he put some on and before he knew it, the young women running the store made him their main muse. See Yuekou for the full picture of grandpa.

According to an interview with Ms. Lv, it all started when one day her grandpa Liu came to help with unpacking: “He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting.”

From offbeatchina>

Like netizen 东皇薄荷 commented: “He almost feels like Karl Lagerfeld!”


Sprite Out Of Home: Skateboarder

Spotted in L.A. this weekend, a Sprite Out Of Home "spectacular," as they call it, seems okay in this at first, if not very expected idea, and something Mountain Dew might have done in the mid to late 1990's.

However. The "extreme" idea when translated from film to static billboard, is a bit of a yawn. Also, the skateboarder dude is so freaking small it's a hard read without the instagram filter on it. By light of day with no retouching, the skater becomes a silhouette blob. I can't help but think if they had made him a wee bit bigger it would have been a quicker read. I mean we're already not dealing with reality here, so why keep it to actual person size?


The ultime ad-crib book, Joelapompe's 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads

Image of Joe La Pompe: 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads

This is a book you need to stuff in every xmas christmas stocking that belongs to an adgrunt or a student of advertising. It does just what it says on the tin, it'll show you one hundred visual ideas and one thousand (often great) ads. Like Nouveau? Or not, Joe La Pompe's previous book, and his website, this book is full of twin ads. Triplets, quadruplets and octuplets too. But only in a slight visual common note, the ideas differ. Like when The Economist and Gametek had the same windshield-wiper visual but said two very different things.

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