Lean Mean Fighting Machine will fire someone based on a twitter followers fancy.

Sick of having no control of anything? Have control over one of our careers: Be our 5000th follower & fire one of us... tweeted Lean Mean Fighting Machine and backs it up with this post promising that someone will get fired because there's always someone who brings the whole place down.


Code Club - The Interview / Albion London - (2012) 2:00 (UK)

Code Club - The Interview /  Albion London - (2012) 2:00 (UK)

Digital shop Albion London created a fun film to promote the Code Club, a nation-wide network of after-school coding clubs for kids aged 10-11.

Isn't that too early to become a nerd? I keed, I keed!

The video is kinda funny. Nothing I like more than seeing some snot-nosed Veruca Salt wannabe and her friends diss the world's most influential pioneers in the digital world. Like Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the real dude who 'invented the internet,' as well as some other people you might know, like Chad Hurley , this dude Niklas Zennstrom , the Duke of York and more.


I'M HAPPY - Tropfest NY 2012 Finalist (TSI "Bagel) - (2012) Short film

I'M HAPPY - Tropfest NY 2012 Finalist (TSI "Bagel) - (2012) Short film

"I'm Happy" is a short film by (and starring) Michael Neithardt, who is also Executive Producer, New Business at Psyop. It recently had its world premiere at Tropfest NY in Bryant Park.


AXE / Lynx - Susan Glenn - (2012) :60 (USA)

AXE / Lynx - Susan Glenn - (2012) :60 (USA)

She's not A girl, she's THE girl. Fear No Susan Glenn.

...an with this ad, Axe drops the tired old "gets you laid" schtick and grows up to be all poetic.

The name Susan Glenn has been planted all over the web since May. Online slang dictionary defines Susan Glenn as "That girl that you like so much but you never actually flirt with because you are too worried about messing it all up", and in a post made a month ago on the "all posts are actually ads" site known as Buzzfeed you will find Dudes failing to get their Susan Glenn in 11 gifs.


Advertising Concept Book - buy one for every one of your clients.

Image of Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition)

I have one reason you should get this book.

The entire book looks like a comp. All illustrations are rough sketches of the ads that they are talking about.


Because the point of the book is concept now, design later. You should make roughs and tissue paper and sketches and whatever you may call it, as many as you can, as simple as you can to explain your idea. When you have it, the idea that scrawny little sketch jumps out at you and the designing can begin.

Put that mouse down, leave the wacom tablet alone. Take your time to look through this solid, informative and fun read. Giggle at each comp that you instantly recognize the ad in. Learn the lesson: have the concept before the computer.

Honestly, every client out there should have this book.

Ad Books: 

BMD Studio dumbs down Canada for America. America yawns.

Bruce Mau Design got together with Studio 360 with Kurt Anderson to change the way Americans think about Canada.

Why Americans, you ask? Well, as is documented, Canada has long grappled with its identity. Or to be more blunt, identity crisis, at least in its perception with its louder, more populous neighbors down south.

So the answer to this problem, apparently, was to edumacate Americans, and let them know that Canada is more than maple syrup, hockey and Rush. Canada is also Arcade Fire. And Justin Bieber. And the Wonder Bra.

This is the best you could come up with? You replace pop culture references with different ones? And give us a half-baked microsite designed to showcase the new branding and little else, save this mildly condescending 'rationale.'

In our redesign, we begin with an assertion that Americans simply don't
understand Canada. Our view is that Canada doesn't need a redesign; rather,
Americans need to be educated.

To that end, our new Canadian brand highlights the country's potential,
and addresses the dynamic exchange of ideas, creativity,
natural resources and people.

To express the country's openness, flexibility and diverse points of view,
we've created a visual language that leverages the two red bars on either
side of the Canadian flag. These red bars act as a container for a rich
array of viewpoints, imagery and ultimately, understanding.

Oh but wait, they did something else. They removed the Maple Leaf from the flag for Canada's new identity. Mau's concept not only swaps out pop culture references, but removes one endearing piece of Canada in most American minds from its identity for a "modern take." Yes, very modern, indeed, as it's the "we're cool, too, no honest," concept. Never seen that in Canadian advertising before, right? Oh wait...


The bossy vending machine for Delites a lot like the sassy vending machine for Nesquick

There's a new ad out, where the Delite-o-magic vending machine challenges people to press the button 100 times, bow down and kneel before it, jump on one leg and dance like a maniac, just to get a free pack of Delites. Forget that "How far will people go for the taste of Fantastic Delites?" sounds a lot like "What would you do for a Klondyke bar" for a second, and forget that it would take five hours to push the button five-thousand times, lets look at the vending machine part of this idea shall we?


MPC and Moxie Solve Skittles Riddles

You walk in to your apartment to find your roommate making out with a walrus - what's your first thought? You wonder if the trollop has stolen your boyfriend, that's what.


Coke Zero - Say it again "AND" / Edwin Starr "War" - (2012)

Coke Zero - Say it again "AND" / Edwin Starr "War" - (2012)

Ken Jeong pulls out moves likes he's a cross between Edwin Starr and the solo-career Michael Jackson as he proves and is where it's at. Say it again!


Tweethletes: A Social Media Experiment.

Denmark based social media company People Group have sent this over. It's called Tweethletes.

A social media experiment that will attempt to run the 100M race using tweets. According to their site
"A tweet is 2.5 cm high, so to cover 100 meters, we need 400 tweets And to win the race we need it in less than ten seconds."

Uh, what?