Adidas is all in, as long as the idea stays the same.

Back in 1999, there was - according to all rumors - quite the dramatic pitch for the überhot account of Adidas. W+K Amsterdam was involved, and from the ashes of that pitch was born a brand new agency: 180. Would they show off good once they showed some work? Yes, they would. This Adidas ad blew most people away back then, and was ripped off a few times (some Dutch bank copy was in an early Badlander here). I personally applauded it for being my go-to whenever I needed to show a client that YES you do not to speak the VO when it's written on the screen already, gosh darnit.


Lip-stick service to a cause - women athletes are hurting for sponsors.

Buzzfeed has a post about how Sarah Robles, the US Olympic hopeful and the strongest woman in America lives in poverty. They paint a picture of a dedicated, wholesome, healthy and truly hard-working gal, who has begun mentoring athletes younger than her too. In short, she's exactly the kind of person any brand would want as a role model - so why aren't brands sponsoring her? they ponder.


Urinal-cake ads speak out against drunk driving

Here's a great example of taxpayer money going straight down the drain, quite literally (he he). Michigan officials are fighting drunk driving by placing talking urinal cakes in bars in Wayne, Bay, Ottawa and Delta counties.

Four hundred of the cakes will be distributed to 200 eateries prior to July Fourth, said Anne Readette, spokeswoman for the Office of Highway Safety Planning, a division of the Michigan State Police.
"We're doing this to draw attention to Fourth of July drunk driving enforcement," Readette said.


TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and Gatorade Celebrate Title IX

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Title 9, TBWA/ChiatDay Los Angeles and Gatorade launched the Keep Her In The Game campaign in conjunction with the Women's Sports Foundation.


Collateral Damage Part Three: Rob Levine

On the subject of the collateral damage online piracy is doing to advertising, we’ve heard from David Lowery and Adam Weber.

Now Adland has an exclusive interview with former executive editor of Billboard , journalist and author of “Free Ride,” Rob Levine.


RPA Promotes Four in Creative Department

Santa Monica, Calif., June 26, 2012 - RPA, the independent West Coast advertising agency that continues to grow in size and billings, has elevated four talents in its creative department, promoting Tom Hamling to VP, Creative Director, Ken Pappanduros to Creative Director, and Hobart Birmingham


Kit Kat "have a break" sandwich board man in line at the Apple Store

JWT Amsterdam and Kit Kat teased all those Apple fans lining up for new gear by having a sandwich board sign man stand in line wearing the "Have a break, have a kit kat" logo. Nicely done.


Smart Car just outsmarted all other cars on SM

When resident adgrunt @Claymore a.k.a Clayton Hove quipped "Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it." on twitter, he got a mathematically correct response from the Official smart USA account.

Clayton calls it INFOGRAPHANTASTIC, while we just call it really smart social media managing.

Smart car are really good at social media stunts, their animated ASCII twitter account from Argentina was clever too.


The Illustrator & Web Designer are getting married = Super elaborate online wedding invite

For all ye who love romance, cutesy proposal stories, great web design, and lovely illustrations. This wedding invite to Jess & Russ's wedding is what happens when Brooklyn creatives need to invite their pals to their wedding. It shows off the skills & quirks of the couple, will telling the story of how they met and if you two-finger scroll your way to the end you may reserve your plus one at their wedding. I wonder how many thousand people will attend after this invite goes viral.

** The illustrations in the invite are made by Eben & Jillian etc, not Jess. Click each one to see who did the work.