ThinkLA awards in pieces

"The problem with awards" Margaret explains "is that they have on statue when an entire team worked on something..." and on that thought alone, the rubiks cube like award for ThinkLA was born. With this new trophy design each member of the team can reveice a part of the award, and they can be displayed alone or together.


Link Lust: Albert Einstein was an ad man, the ugly olympic logos and Cannes Lions everywhere.

Cannes Lions broke records this year, it received 34,301 entries and approx 22,304 of those are ghost ads. It'll be a minefield out there this year, judges. Good luck.

Kevin Roddy dubs Albert Einstein the best advertising man that ever was and he's got all the cool quotes to back it up.

Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Now I don't know about you, but that's one of the best descriptions of advertising that I've ever heard -- and he wasn't even describing advertising.


Tweet #ISPCC and shatter the glass

The ISPCC want to stop emotional abuse of children and hope to get #ISPCC trending on twitter. Five hundred more tweets are needed before they shatter the glass seen in this live stream. The broadcast only began an hour ago and there's already been well over five hundred #ISPCC tagged tweets, so keep 'em coming people.


Swiffer Telescopic Duster - The Planet (print)

.... ah. The moon. No wait, is that a penny? *squints and reads tagline* "Reach unexplored places - Swiffer telescopic duster". Aaaaah. Guys, if you ran this in National Geographic and magazines like "Science illustrated" I am so high-fiving you.


Justin Biebers girlfriend spawns Overly Attached Girlfriend meme

The boy wonder Justin Bieber has released a perfume, called "girlfriend" of course, for maximum sell. His earlier perfume "Someday" promised perhaps in the future, while this one commits. So does the launch campaign created by @BBHLa, at Justin Bibers Girlfriend there's a competition going down with 5 hours left. It asks you to rap new lyrics over the "boyfriend" song - a task that it seems a millions girls were quite up for. Yesterday tumblr crashed due to the constant reblogging of Justin Biebers girlfriend.

Dan Wieden Honoured With Lion of St Mark

Dan Wieden Honoured With Lion of St Mark - Cannes Lions 2012

First Sir John Hegarty, now Dan Wieden. It's just been announced that the 2012 recipient of the Lion of St. Mark will be Dan Wieden, Co-Founder and Global Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy. Dan Wieden commenting on the award said:

"This is a pretty big honour. To be honest, I've always identified with that renown military leader, of whom it was said, his men would follow him anywhere. Mainly, out of curiosity."

Link lust: Tweeting in the dark, Google can no longer divide and conquer

BBH LA created tweeting in the dark for Björn Borg and I found that I'm dancing with myself. Visiting Niagra Falls, touring Tazmania. Oh how sad. Please someone stamp my passport.

PDN Online: Judge Blocks Google's Divide-and-Conquer Strategy in Big Copyright Cases - this is interesting.

The ruling is a procedural decision, not a final ruling on the merits of the case. But it is important because it effectively blocks Google from using a divide-and-conquer strategy to defeat the claims of the plaintiffs.