RESET Expands with Renck

RESET is adding lauded commercial, music video, TV and film director Johan Renck to a roster that already includes David Fincher, Guy Ritchie, Jonathan Glazer and Academy, Johnny Green, Markus Walter, Tim Miller, Andre Stringer, Nabil and PES. His recent H&M spot starring Lana Del Rey expands upon a reel that includes work for Nike, Levi’s, Audi, Perrier, Stella Artois, H&M, Valentino and Givenchy, and music videos for artists such as New Order, Madonna, Libertines and The Streets. His Cannes-winning portfolio also includes still galleries for big-name brands Italian Vogue and Diesel Jeans, and directing credits for several episodes of AMC’s hits Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, and History Channel’s yet-to-be-released Vikings.


Mel B poses like Janet Jackson for "CoppaFeel!" breast cancer awareness

Mel B former scary spice and Jorgie Porter have stripped off and had their boobies handled by their significant others to promote the charity CoppaFeel! in the most recent issue of Cosmopolitan UK. It's a lovely looking reminder that hands should be touching boobies on a regular basis - if only to check for any mystery lumps. But as "hold my boobs, please" shows this pose is nothing new and one might think that Maxim, Zoo, Nuts and FHM are all trying to keep us aware of breast cancer with every issue as they recreate this pose all the time. Score: meh. Ya'll just wanted to do a Janet Jackson.


Oreo's dailytwist - 40 Years of Pong

Oreo's #dailytwist : September 20th - 40 Years of Pong

Yep, that's how old that game is.




In what has to be the punniest pun of 2012, Australian Agency BMF, in association with the Meat & Livestock Australia,
bring you a silly take on their spring lamb campaign called Collamboration.

It's a silly mix of fashion and food. Fashion designer Leona Edmiston and Chef and television personality Ben O'Donoghue join forces to create fashion-inspired lamb recipes.

I'm not sure what that means. I'm also not sure that using a tumblr site is the most professional way of showcasing this idea.


Volvo trucks create entire site.. on Ebay.

Tired of the "sites on Instagram" and "sites on Pinterest" release? It's so last spring. No worries - I got this for you from Volvo Trucks: "So we created a whole site for the truck… on eBay. In fact, it's the first site created on the platform, ever.". How very retro somehow. Digital Hipster, even. Wary of firsts, I am though, I bet someone did this before.


Amanda Palmer pays musicians, spins it as kindness.

After all the articles and more articles and more articles and more articles and finally today's Gawker article, Amanda Palmer does the right thing and announces on her blog that she's paying every musician on stage, including the ones who didn't get paid during this tour retroactively, and oh by the way has been for three days neener neener neener and oh hey, my album is doing really well!

To which we say, bra-fucking-vo Amanda Fucking Palmer. Your fucked your own public brand hard, but it's never too late to start attempting to mend fences.

That was kind of our whole point to begin with.