Bully Pictures to Represent Danish Design/Animation Studio Frame and Director Luke Savage

LOS ANGELES—Continuing to expand and broaden the scope of its creative talent, Bully Pictures has agreed to become the exclusive, U.S. representative for award-winning Copenhagen design, motion graphics and live action studio Frame. Frame, whose work spans advertising, web media and broadcast branding, is known in the U.S. for its work for MTV, Adidas, Nike, Lincoln, Citgo, VH1, Gatorade and Volkswagen.
Additionally, Bully Pictures has signed director Luke Savage for exclusive representation. The New Zealand-born, French-trained director recently relocated to the U.S. to pursue a career in advertising. His credits include award-winning work for Sony, Ivory Soap, and Panasonic.


St Matthew in the City Church - We Don't Care Who's On Top / support the Marriage Amendment Bill

This billboard was created for St-Matthew-in-the-city Church to show their support for the Marriage Amendment Bill, which aims to legalise same-sex marriage in New Zealand. The rejected subline was "as long as we can watch". No I'm kidding.


The bully-discourse will only serve to distract from everyones point, Amanda Palmer

Since Adland's Kidsleepy first posted about the call for free musicians in who killed Amanda Palmer's career? we received mainly comments that were ad hominem attacks on Kidsleepy being a "bitter cynical person". Ah, well, haters are gonna hate as they say, but it's sad to see that so few of them can read. The update more on Amanda Palmer's greed has choice quotes from a live sound engineer who has worked with Amanda, making his points.


Poetica Launches a Collective of Artists and Filmmakers

Managing Director Bob Cagliero is pleased to announce the launch of Poetica, a hybrid collective of artists and filmmakers focusing on live action-through-post content creation. The word “Poetica” comes from the ancient Greek term for “making,” a simple idea that encapsulates the overall mission of the new group. Based out of New York with an office in LA, Poetica is a studio that creates award-winning live-action, VFX, 3D, 2D and design for commercials, music videos, short form content, installations, and the web.


Backyard Signs West Coast Indie OPTiONS

Backyard is pleased to announce that it has aligned with prolific West Coast indie rep firm OPTiONS, comprised of Doug Sherin and Kim Griswold, who will cover the West Coast and Texas.


Treehouse Launches in Dallas

Editorial boutique founded by former ReelFX editor Peter Tarter.
DALLAS—Peter Tarter, a creative editor with a national clientele and credits that include work for JC Penney, Hyundai, Dodge, Toyota and Home Depot, has formed Treehouse, a high-end editorial boutique in Dallas. The new company will focus on advertising and independent film projects. Along with creative editorial, Treehouse offers visual effects, compositing and editorial finishing services.


More On Amanda Palmer's Greed

We've gotten a lot of comments around our Amanda Palmer article. Seeing how this is a website devoted to advertising, our POV is that Amanda Palmer is hurting her "brand."

Now, thanks to a tip from a musician friend, we were pointed to an excellent post by a producer, mixer and audio engineer, named Justin Colletti. And surprise surprise, he thinks the same thing we do.

Oh. And it is also important to note that mr. Colletti has worked with Amanda Palmer as a live sound engineer, so he is in a better position to speak.


Samsung mocks iPhone 5 "totally different plug" with print ad

"It doesn't take a genius" the headline cooly states and then we are shown a feature-comparison. Notice that the iPhone 5 feature list ends with "a totally different plug", a "feature" most iPhone owners do not want as it renders all their extra peripherals such as snap in speakers and even car-holders redundant.


Wanna date Derek? No thank you, I already dated Brian

Skiver Advertising is pimping out their "vivacious, handsome, smart, ripped" and "a kind-hearted soul" of an account executive at the site WannadateDerek. It's all a twist to pull you in via Billboards, youtube videos and the twitter handle @WannaDateDerek to Skiver advertising, and learn how they can brand stuff for you. Any stuff. Even dateless Derek.

"Everyone is looking for something," says Jeremy Skiver, CEO of Skiver Advertising. "And that's where we come in. We're experts at bringing brands and their audience, and helping them build a strong, lasting and evolving relationship."