A small stumble or Youtube's fall from grace? Apple removes youtube app from iOS6

Youtube, google's puppy, has been having a bad time recently. Apple Insider reports that iOS 6 doesn't have the youtube app in it :

...potentially a sign of increased tensions between the two companies which are facing off against each other in both the mobile and connected television segments. Google owns YouTube.

Meanwhile, Youtube effs up the Mars landing, sort of, by taking down NASA's 13 minute clip of the the Rover Curiosity landing from the space agency’s main YouTube channel due to a copyright claim from... a bot?


The Usain Durex Olympic ad was never an actual ad, just FYI.

Yes, I know that I posted it too with the headline Durex win the Olympics - in the cheeky headline event, but in that very post I wrote: If this ad is for real, and Walesonline says it is..., expre

We come in peace. With Oreo cookies. August 5 Mars landing.
Are you ready to dunk and roll?! August 3rd
Night time is the right time for an Oreo cookie. Aug 2
Never has a golden Oreo looked so good.  Aug 1
  Twist, lick, dunk and twist, lick, dunk... July 31
Cheesecake and Oreo. Nuff said. National Cheese day July 30
They came from outer space...actually, they came from the supermarket. July 29
No shirt, no shoes, no problems. Dunk’s up. 28th July
Don’t forget to hold your pinky out when you dunk.
Is it a boy or girl? July 26

Oreo's social media "posters" are a daily treat.

Since they're are in the digital realm, and not traditional "press" or OOH, we've been posting updates on the Oreo cookies timely images in digital, like we did with the Rainbow stuffing image, and the


The Joneses Land Director Duane Crichton

Santa Monica, Calif.— Commercial, music video and feature film director Duane Crichton has joined The Joneses for exclusive representation for U.S. advertising work. The agreement marks the first time that Crichton, a Canadian, has been represented in the United States. He is represented by Partners Film Company, Toronto, in Canada, where his credits include work for Volkswagen, Toyota, Rogers, Home Depot and Ontario Tourism. He first garnered wide attention when his Adidas spec spot Three won a Shots’ Young Directors Award at Cannes.


Happy birthday world wide web, turns 21 today.

Buy your internet a drink today, the WWW as we know it officially turns 21 today. The drink should probably be "assisted suicide", that's Everclear, Jagermeister and Jolt Cola served as a shooter and it'll make you gag in a fashion that sounds reminiscent to the brrr-DING-DING-TWANG we oldies know and still hate.

See, it was August 6, 1991, at a CERN facility in the Swiss Alps that Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website, which was a helpful page on how to use HTML and the WWW. You can see a later copy of that page here the 1992 version, which had a few more helpful links on it.


Shatto ice cream sandwiches now available in Kansas. For everyone except Stephen.

"Now available to everyone in Kansas. Except Stephen. You know what you did."

Ooh, buuuurn - I want to know what Stephen did. Anyone with me?

Oh, wait, He named the brand. Right? Right?


Oreo comes in peace when the Mars rover lands

So we're landing on Mars. Again. Back in September 1997 when NASA's Mars Pathfinder landed and we tried to watch this via a shitty dialup from the BBDO offices, I never quite did get a good explanation as to why Mars bars weren't latching on to the worldwide exploration anticipation with ads congratulating NASA, when they had such a perfect name for it? I guess it was because we didn't have the fast-acting world of social media back then, and investing in print ads with a diffuse ROI wasn't a clients favorite way to spend money. These days quite a few brands play in the social media arena.


Following the Money: Ad agencies/Brands links to piracy.

Over at the excellent Music Tech Policy, comes this article.

It starts with the above diagram from a post at a blog called Advertising Perspectives purporting to show off the potential happy fun time win win situation agencies have thanks to the likes of Ad Exchanges.

See, the original steps of web advertising are clunky and the need for a more efficient ship was a primary goal. Hence the birth of the more streamlined and highly efficient Ad Exchanges.


Link Lust: Help me be fucking creative / Embedding copyright infringing video is not a crime

So if you tweet some creative advice with the tag #FCKNGCREATIVEADVICE appended to it, your carefully chosen words of wisdom will appear at helpmebefuckingcreative.com. Having everyone else create your content = fucking creative. Using twitter and the word "fuck" in the URL ain't tired at all either.