Ad ban of the week: gender stereotypes in shower gels for kids banned in Sweden

I feel for my old co-workers at Oriflame for being slapped with this ad-bannage. First off, Oriflame is a bit like Avon in that there are troops of independent salespeople, and they are all armed with the all powerful catalogue. This catalogue is distributed to 38 different countries and 3.5 million consultants.
There's a silly amount of meetings discussing every detail of a layout where top execs from several different countries will offer their invaluable input such as "we need more glamour, can you print glitter?" and "She needs to smile more" followed by "No, smiles don't sell in my country" followed by "In my country she needs to smile like Mona Lisa" and so on.
Provided you haven't turned skitzo during one of these many meetings you will soon enough (read: six months) have a layout that has turned into a mishmash of details and additions much like that "if microsoft designed Apple packaging" video. Despite all that, you manage to produce something... And then the Swedish Reklamombudsman bans it because the girls looks like a ballerina-girl and the boy looks like a tool-loving boy.. It's enough to drive an art director to drinking the kid-bodywash advertised.


The watermark rebranded - R/GA give useful facelift to Getty stock watermark

R/GA has redesigned the watermark over at Getty images, it's still all over the photo but instead of only branding Getty it also tells us all we need to know on how to find it at Getty. Perfect, we all know that feeling when we find a printout of the perfect image, and we know what stock agency it's from but have no idea what keywords we used to find that image. So not only does this look better, it's useful too, and brands Getty while it's at it. Nice idea people, very well done.


Greenpeace: Less Boats More Fish

There seems to be a rule for pro-bono advertising - the grammar and spelling usually sucks. The illustration however, is lovely.

Tuna industry must chart future with ‘less boats, more fish’ says Greenpeace. They do know their grammar, actually, as they write We need fewer boats, more fish to save our oceans, but that wouldn't fit as nicely on the poster.


ASSS - Heart in distress / Sound billboard - Canada.

Here's a clever way to teach people what a heart in distress actually sounds like - allow them to plug their headphones in and listen while they wait for the bus. The idea is to transform their headphones into stethoscopes and voila, the city is full of hobby-doctors.


Gatorade G Series - Own the First Move - (2012) :30 (USA)

Gatorade G Series - Own the First Move - (2012) :30 (USA)

It looks like starburst in Gatorade wrappers and are probably just as useless but hey, anything is better than downing a frickin' fivethousand-calorie Mocha Coconut Frappuccino with whip cream, or snorting ten kinds of double carb-carb extra fatty saturated trans fa


Fiat Photobomb Prank

Everybody's talking about Fiat's OMG THEY DIDN'T photobomb. They parked in front of the Volkswagen offices, and waited till the Google Street View peeps rode by. And then KAPOW. Take that, Volkswagen. There's a Fiat 500 in front of your office on Google street view. For like a year!
In yo face! This is not a Beetle!


HUSH Signs Powerful Visual Force in Yang

Following an extended run freelancing with the company, Erik Yang has joined HUSH's roster. The signing, which follows the recent additions of Head of Production Ryan McGrath and Designer Evan Anthony, adds a brand design specialist whose experience includes work with Syfy, ABC, MTV, Toyota, American Express, the New York Public Library and Art Directors Club.

Erik is out strong already working on a rapidly growing concept and installation project for Nike, environmental and digital design projects for two notable fashion brands, and concept development for digital experiences.