Nathan's Hot Dog Hut. Or: why Holland, Michigan sucks.

Just when you think social media stunts can't get any lower, and no good will ever come of it all, a potential opportunity shows up to right the scales of justice. Or something.

Last week, a 13 year-old boy named Nathan Duszynski set up a hot dog cart to help raise money for his disabled parents. His father has multiple sclerosis and his mother has epilepsy. He went through all the necessary steps, even visiting city hall with his mom to make sure everything was kosher.

But then the minute he set up shop, boom. Some bureaucratic moron came to shut the whole party down before he even sold his first red hot.


Paddy power Olympic ads go to court, Viagra re-use and other bad ideas

Paddy Power seeks court order over banned London athletics ads - JCDecaux took down Paddy Powers posters after the organiser of the London Olympics told them to. "It’s a pity they didn’t put the same energy into the ticketing and security arrangements for the Games that they put into protecting their sponsorship revenue streams."


“Couch” from Madheart’s Jan Gleie Wins Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lion

The subjects of the commercial were real people who were recruited on the street and led directly to a trailer for blindfolding. They were then taken to an apartment that a crew had spent hours stocking with foul-smelling objects treated with Febreze. (The couch prominently featured in the spot was found in a dump.) The responses of the subjects, as they examine their surroundings with their noses, were entirely spontaneous and unrehearsed, and recorded via hidden cameras from a remote site.

Gleie often employs real people in the ads he directs (notably in his acclaimed work for Pampers, Target and Hallmark), but the clever ruse incorporated into this spot gave it a novel twist.


Fifty shades of Grey Advertising - a smutty tumblr for bored writers

Clearly, people don't have enough to do at the agencies around the world in July, an assumption I base on all the writing that is submitted to the Fifty Shades Of Grey Advertising website. Yep, a tumblr dedicated to making a day at Grey (or any agency) sound like bad smut. "I discovered I was a submissive when I joined my first ad agency." admits the sites creator, and it seems they have found friends.


Director Matthieu Mantovani Joins The Joneses

Mantovani says he is eager to do more American ads and selected The Joneses after a year-long search for a U.S. home. “I wanted to find a company that was focused on a few directors and had a real interest in building my career,” he explains. “I liked Mel and the enthusiasm he has for my work. I was also impressed with the other directors on the staff and with the projects they have done. It’s a good fit.”


Paper Denim & Cloth holds “The Instashoot” on Instagram, Montreal movie posters made on Instagram

Seems that Pinterest and Instagram are still in fierce competition on who is going to be advertisers favorite this month, and so far Instagram is looking like they have the more interesting ideas.....

First up, Paper Denim & Cloth is re-launching this week with a new collection on Wednesday live on Instagram. The fashion brand, which has been dormant for the last few years, is making a comeback with a new Spring/Summer 2013 ready-to-wear clothing line.

Paper Denim & Cloth believes fashion should be democratic, less about a particular style, and more about men and women bringing their own style to life. It’s inclusive and authentic.


Optimum - 'Roaming' - (2012) :30 (USA)

Optimum - 'Roaming' - (2012) :30 (USA)

To promote Optimum WiFi's over 35,000 Hot Spots in the Tri-State area, The Brooklyn Brothers and Blacklist's WIZZ have created a series of comedic spots starring HotSpot the dog, Optimum's new mascot, and his technically challenged owner, Ben.

To create the campaign, Blacklist's WIZZ traveled across the pond from their Paris studio to photograph locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. These high-resolution photographs were then printed out and spray-mounted onto cardboard miniatures to create a set. The backgrounds were all shot with a real camera and then combined with WIZZ's stop-motion-look and animated 3D characters to create the final look.


BBH Barn Team Waffle interns spam Linkedin for a cause, manages to conjure up anti-sympathy

BBH Barn Team Waffle, which is half of the BBH Asia/Pacific 2012 intake of creative interns, are all up in arms about their anti-trafficking persona being removed from Linkedin. So much so, they've posted a plea to Reid Hoffman on tumblr begging him to reinstate the ad. The "ad" that was a fake profile on Linkedin, that befriended (oh, I'm sorry, networked), with a bunch of creative professionals on Linkedin.

Our idea was simple: the more connections the profile made, the more people we would have educated about the issue. Ultimately, it’s a matter of public awareness.

Your idea was spam.


Brazilian ad agency Africa creates dead end website on Pinterest

Look, I get it. As an agency, you want to be hip and cutting edge. As an agency, you want to showcase your work while simultaneously show off your awesome web-skillz. This is why we have Grey on Facebook, Holler Sydney on Pinterest and Tribal DDB on Instagram. And now, Africa creates a dead end website on Pinterest.


Chick-fil-A recalls totally gay Muppet toys due to "safety Issues"

It all started with a comment to the Baptist Press last week, where Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy admits he's a faithful Christian witness who goes to church on Sunday (when the Chick-fil-A's are closed) and is (gasp!) married to his first wife. That's not the comments that got him in trouble though, this is:

"We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.