Collateral Damage: How Free Culture destroys advertising.

A funny thing happened on the internet last week. On Sunday, an NPR’s “All Songs Considered” intern named Emily White wrote an intriguing post called I never owned any music to begin with. Miss White is 20 years old and missed the milestone when we changed how we acquire music. In the post, she speaks of having 11,000 songs, despite only having purchased 15 cds.

In the short post two things jumped out at me.

“…I honestly don’t think my peers and I will ever pay for albums. I do think we will pay for convenience.”


Sapient Nitro's pinterest board of overheard in Cannes

Sapient Nitro made a pinterest board called Big Idea Overheard at #Canneslions, and I feel really sorry for the person I presume was stuck in a dark room hand-picking the neat quotes from twitter feeds to make into inspirational quote boards. This is so meta, we almost broke the space-time continuum.


United Colors of Benetton Campaign Wins Press Lion Grand Prix

It's been a while since Benetton ads have won awards. They either weren't running many or they weren't as good or controversial as in the past. But Fabrica with the help of 72andSunny changed that, which is why their campaign took the Grand Prix in Press.


Gatwick Express gets artists to make music for their train journey

Jason Scott and Joris Phillippart at VCCP helped to create a campaign for Gatwick Express trains with the idea that the right music makes any journey better. They got three artists to create three 30 minute tracks that synch exactly with the view from the train.

Dub-step legend and Radio 1 DJ ‘Benga’, Oscar nominated composer ‘Philip Sheppard’ and indie band ‘The Milk’ created the tracks, and customers can download one for free when they book online.

The campaign includes a parallax website at, where you can hear samples by each artist at different points on the journey. The campaign is being promoted using print, outdoor, radio and ambient.

You can see Benga's documentary here:


Chipotle takes home Film Lion Grand Prix

Sweet animation and Legendary Willie Nelson covering Coldplay's "The Scientist", won the Film Lion Grand Prix and Branded Content & Entertainment Lion Grand Prix with this this two-minute animated lovely for Chipotle that ends with the line "Cultivate a better world".


BETC wins the Grand Prix Film Craft for "The Bear"

After taking home a pawful of Yellow Pencils at D&AD Awards earlier this year, the team at BETC Paris takes home some more metal for their work on "The Bear" for Canal +.

"I have never met a bear with such an appetite for lions before", jokes Stéphane Xiberras, CCO of BETC Paris and creative director of "The Bear," at the news of the success at this years Cannes Lions Festival. At Saturday night's ceremony, "The Bear" for Canal+ was awarded no less than four Golds (three in the Film Craft category and one in Film), one Silver (Film Craft) and the Film Craft Grand Prix.


Rethink Communications: Month in a car

Did you know the average Torontonian spends 80 minutes a day in a car? Apparently not. Because an environmental community center called Evergreen Brick Works and Canadian fun shop Rethink Canada is launching an initiative designed to create learn just how bad commuting sucks in Toronto.

They held a casting call and interview session to choose the right person for the job. It ended up being 4th year Film Student Tanner Zurkoski. He gets to spend an entire month in a car. For the #monthinacar initiative launching June 26th. It will also kick off a Transportation Expo on June 30th.


ThinkLA Hyper Island Master Class next week

This is a reminder that the Hyper Island Master Classes in los Angeles Jun 25 - Jun 27, 2012 are still available, and you should sign up for a reboot of your brain to ensure that you keep on your creative toes for the rest of the year.


Cyber Lions Grand Prix to Tweets and Utility App

This year, two campaigns took home the Cyber Lions Grand Prix.

Sweden - Curators of Sweden by VOLONTAIRE in Stockholm have some fancy new metal to show off. The post about the world's most democratic twitter account has been read over eleven thousand times already, which isn't always a good thing.


Radio Lions Grand Prix winner as annoying as the mosquitos it claims to get rid of?

Radio Lions Grand Prix winner was "Repellent Radio" for Go Outside Magazine by Talent, São Paulo, Brazil.

Ok, so what? Well, President of Rob McLennan said in his President's Message: "I’m really looking forward to working with the world's leading creatives to find the freshest work for one of our oldest mediums."