jumP Adds Rosen and Edwards

jumP is pleased to welcome editors Jonathan Edwards and Wendy Rosen—both Red Car alums—to its New York roster.

"Wendy and Jonathan are absolute pros who fit in perfectly at jumP," noted MD Dee Tagert. "We're always looking to round out our already versatile roster; their individual expertise will be an enormous asset as we make 2012 one of our most exciting years to date."

Rosen, whose work leans toward the flawlessly timed comic, brings a wide-ranging reel to jumP, with work for industry heavy-hitters Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, P&G, General Mills and M&M/MArs. Prior to joining jumP, Rosen spent five years at Red Car. She also did a seven-year run as editor/owner of 3 Fingered Louie and worked for four years as an editor at Mad River.


Jaffa Cake introduces the lick-able lift!

Michief PR and McVitie's have come up with the lick-able Jaffa Cake sticker, so they can get images like these, and have decorated an entire office elevator with them. Yes, they taste like Jaffa cakes! It's the lucky folks at Engine that get to lick their elevator walls all day long, which will get boring by next week. 1,325 Jaffa Cakes and four weeks of painstaking planning is what it took to have this polka-dotted joy of a ride in the office.


Kewpie Tarako - Girls in town - (2012) :30 (Japan)

Kewpie Tarako - Girls in town - (2012) :30 (Japan)

They are wearing dresses with dresses on them, because you can't have too many dresses. Also one is wearing parrot head as hat. This is Kewpie Tarako land, your logic is not welcome here. This pasta sauce will have you entranced. Kind of like this ad.


Nescafé - Strange Animal - (2012) :30 (Canada)

Nescafé - Strange Animal - (2012) :30 (Canada)

Not everything makes sense in the morning, but coffee cream and sugar in one totally does. In “Strange Animal”, the latest for Nestlé’s Nescafé 3 in 1 via Publicis Toronto, OPC director Russ Lamoureux shows us how your morning isn’t right until that first cup of coffee.


Hunter and Bear are back for Tippexperience timetravel on youtube

Last time we saw the hunter and the bear we could change the story and have him tickle the bear, play soccer with the bear, party with the bear.. and now the Hunter and the bear are back! They're celebrating the bears birthday party when one of those pesky viral meteoritesss come crashing in. With Tipp-ex you can now time-travel to 2005 when youtube was brand new, your birth year or any other times with the hunter and the bear to change the story. No points for doing the dramatic bear in 2005, you know that wasn't happening back then....

Here's the case study of a Hunter Shoots a bear:

Graham Fink with shedloads of awards
John Hegarty - with Paul Smith suit!
Lord Bell
Justin Tindall
Johnny Hornby
Jeremy Bullmore

the IPA made Adland Lego figures, collect them all!

Top old blokes of advertising, sorry, leading industry figures including Sir Martin Sorrell, Sir John Hegarty, Lord Bell, Johnny Hornby and Jeremy Bullmore, have been immortalized in Lego as part of a ‘build your career’ campaign to highlight the high calibre of speakers that the IPA’s 44 Club attracts. SO cute.

The Lego figures, created by 44 Club committee member and Leo Burnett creative Ben Gough and photographed by Adrian Burke, will appear on a series of postcards to be sent to the industry’s HR managers and those new to the industry.


Advil - Headaches up close - print.

Mcgarrybowen Chicago wants you to know that everyone gets headaches, even Regis Philbin. They collaborated with Martin Schoeller to shoot their current print campaign for Advil, using his close-up style to establish the look and feel of this ongoing campaign. Also, I have a headache right now so please pass the Advil. Those are the ones with the candy-tasty shell, right? Mmmm. Advil.


The Volkswagen Kraftwerk GIFaway in Tweets - das Auto to das Rescue

Back in Feb Kraftwerk announced eight concerts in eight days at the Moma and fans from all over flooded the intarwebs to try and get tickets. Due to the demand the Showclix server went down immediately and people were stuck watching a spinning rainbow ball from hell instead. Showclix CEO Joshua Dziabiak issued an apology but that didn't turn anyones frown upside down.


Stüssy gets naked on Facebook, feels like other stripping models stunts.

The press release for the stripping Stüssy models reads as follows:

The ‘Strip for Likes’ campaign, live as of today, re-launches Amsterdam’s Facebook page for the American modis fashion brand- Stϋssy. The campaign has been created by Arnold Amsterdam, the new creative agency in town.
Sean Thompson, Head of Creativity, Arnold Amsterdam says: ‘As a contemporary brand you need to be wherever your fans live, shop or play. Facebook plays an integral part of their lives, Stϋssy AMS’ Facebook is therefore an important platform to engage with fans inform them or just share the fun.’
‘Like to see less, and share to undress’