Moosehead Lager: The Journey

The Toronto wing of Sid Lee wants you to know something: Moosehead Lager is made well. So are other things made locally in Canada.

This summer, Moosehead's Canadian hipster contingency will pack their canoes and analog photography supplies and Super 8 cameras and some cases of Moosehead for a month long journey around the great white north. To find interesting things made by Canadians who make things well. And then these Canadian hipsters will "raise a beer" to all things made well.


Did Pringles "Tiny hands" rip off a tumblr - or did that tumblr rip off an old Herringbone ad?

So everyone and their uncle (and by that I mean Buzfeed, Mashable, Tech-Bloggers, Mememachine, Adfreak etc) have posted about the leaked Grey Mexico Pringles ad "Tiny hands" looks a lot like the tumblr-blog "one tiny hand" I thought I'd


Pantone launches beachwear for men - color that short.

Oh dearie me, Pantone beachwear! If anyone needs me I'll be at the beach staring at mens asses all day. For the colors. I swear. If I get lucky a PANTONE 18-1664 FIERY RED might walk by. The shop is at 4 Rue de marché in St Tropez so if you are going to Cannes this year... You better get some of these for everyone back home.

See Pantone Beachwear for more, and you can (of course) also like their facebook page.


POM not so Wonderful.

Well this is interesting. The FTC sued POM Wonderful, everyone's favorite (and pretty much only) Pomegranate juice supplier, for what it deemed to be deceptive advertising. Apparently, POM was giving the wonderful fruit a little too much credit in treating, reducing etc. the health risks of varied complaints and maladies ranging from heart disease to erectile dysfunction. A judge issued a cease and desist in a 355 page decision. In other words, no mas on the health claims. Unless of course, they could prove it with what the judge called "competent and reliable evidence."

One would hope Pom had the sense to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new campaign. Nope. Pom decided to double down, with a new campaign called Pom Truth.


Chevrolet / Sonic - Night Swimming - (2012) :30 (USA)

Chevrolet / Sonic - Night Swimming - (2012) :30 (USA)

This just makes me want to be young(er) and go skinny dipping, even though there is no skinny dipping (just dipping), in this spot.


Olive Media has created a first-of-its-kind touchscreen ad to showcase automaker Infiniti’s latest luxury vehicle.

Olive Media has created a first-of-its-kind touchscreen ad to showcase automaker Infiniti’s latest luxury vehicle.

The interactive ad allows iPad 2 users to take a 360-degree panoramic look around the all-new Infiniti JX’s interior by moving and tilting their device, while other tablet users will be able to do so at the touch of their finger.


VW Bug Run

To promote VW Beetle, DDB Stockholm brings you Bug Run, which is just like it sounds. You choose a potential winner from a lineup of beetles, place your bets, and cross your fingers. You can either bet for points on Volkswagen's site, or for money (!) on Betsson.

And lest you think this is cruelty to insects, there is a helpful page on VW's site explaining just how well cared for they are.

Races are once per day and broadcast over a five day period. Qualifying heats, the whole deal. There are even stats about each beetle and a ranking. So get cracking and place your bets!


Mugshot yourself: Police Reality TV App

Finnish agency 358 was tasked to promote the new season of Finland's version of Cops, called Poliisit.

They created a sort of Mugshot Yourself app on Facebook to make use of the show's fans. Thousands more flocked to become a "Usual Suspect," by downloading the app, and putting their face in a mugshot.

From January to February, the number of Facebook fans grew from 10,000 to 30,000.


Sibelius Academy: Visual Identity.

So check this out. Some people don't just hear music, but they see colors and geometric shapes as a visual aid. They call this neurological condition Synesthesia.

Two well known artists who suffered from it were Wassily Kandisnky and a Finnish composer named Jean Sibelius.

Agency 358 Helsinki was tasked with coming up with a visual identity for the Sibelius Academy. Since no one round the office had this condition (or LSD) they went with the next best option: Creating software that analyzed music according to pitch, timber, tempo etc, and transformed it into colors. It's kinda like they asked Sibelius himself to design the identity.


Dear Blank, Please blank = Funny.

Todays lovely internet-detour is dear blank please blank. "Smart you" probably meant to write abstain not sustain on the Mexican salsa advice... Or "smart you" isn't all that smart to begin with, I mean "dumb you" hasn't learned that salsa is hot yet.... But there's more on the site, and some are quite funny. Now, bored adfolks, spend some minutes snarking a dear blank please blank and submit them here so we can all laugh at our miserable lives together.

The Zombie apocalypse has already written one.