The Fashion Shack: U.S. (2010)

Hey, y'all. Get ready to feast your eyes on the wonderland that is South Carolina-based used-clothing store The Fashion Shack. Hat tip to mate @coolsideburns for bringing it to our attention.

We have bad acting, high school AV graphics circa 1993, the nearly illegible phone number that appears for a split second, and what we can all assume to be unlicensed music by famous performer.


Moss Graffiti - making it and removing it is the new street art.

Just as "moss graffiti" is leaving the home-decor crowd and beginning to hit the streets bigtime, street artist Strook (Stefaan de Croock) is doing the reverse moss graffiti. His tool is 'water' as he uses a high-pressure cleaner to spray away the moss, leaving large landscapes of space invaders on walls.


Evian and the Baby T-shirts are back, now shot by Nathaniel Goldberg

Fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg shot the print campaign that shows the return of the baby t-shirts, promoting the new Evian bottle sizes, 33cl Mini, 50cl Street, 75cl Sport, 1l Work. This explains the random props of laptops and Harley's in these shots.


Friday fun - the advertising tumblr gif-jokes and ad cartoons

It's time to laugh our heads off at injokes nobody outside of our sad business understands. This advertising life is a gif-snark tumblr where each hilarious anim shows a classic emotion-reaction in advertising. Or: this is what happens when someone comes up behind me when my headphones are on.

Those who know me, know how true this is


Nomad Makes Bicoastal Roster Expansion

Nomad proudly welcomes editors Jason Kileen into its New York office and Val Thrasher to its LA studio.


the "Fuck-it list"

the "Fuck-it list"

One week after the Cannes Lions Festival, DDB Toronto's Daniel Bonder will be 29.
Too long in the tooth for a slot at the prestigious Young Lions Academy.

So to celebrate this rite of passage, he does what any "young" creative would do in their so-called last week of youth. He creates "The Fuck-It List,” which is also his submission to enter the 2012 Academy.

Along the way we see Bonder do a dine and dash, have sex in public, get drunk in public, fart in public, get a face tattoo and more.

It's nicely shot thanks to the DDB Toronto folks. We just wish the examples on The Fuck-It list were more, well, creative. A quick poll around here shows most of us crossed off 95% of that list before we were 18. Maybe he's a late bloomer.


Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw beer bottles.

Work Labs is mad and they're taking it to the interwebs. According to their site they are convinced their campaign concept for craft brew Work Beer was stolen by another agency for a different beer.

If you look at the first set of ads (and the rest on their site) it does seem to be a prime Badland candidate. Same headline. Same work-inspired art direction.

Further reading explains the kerfuffle. It seems Work Labs showed their Work Beer ads to New Belgium Brewery, who then may or may not have gotten their current agency of record to create work in the same playground.


Google Chrome - Coffee - (2012) :30 (USA)

Google Chrome - Coffee - (2012) :30 (USA)

Man uses the web to try and win the one that got away back.