Variér - Panda & Leopard / Never too early to save your back - print, Italy

The not so fantastic photoshopped tattoos here depict endangered species on the backs of a man and a woman, with the line: "It's never too early to save your back". The product, chairs that help you hold a better posture, is hidden away all Cannes-like in the corner.

It might work better in Italian, but seems a long walk for a ham sandwich here.

weeping house

AXA, a house weeps in Antwerp

How do you grab the attention of an entire city on a boring topic like renovation loans? Simple! Install a weeping house on a trafficated street and wait for the press and people passing by to react, then make the house stop crying. Every house could use some upkeep, and now owners know who to turn to for a loan.


Head2Head Shop - rebranded businesscards also serve as roach filters

There are head shops in every neighbourhood in every city across the world. Toronto-based Head2Head wanted to produce a value-added product for their clients that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Audi A1 - When driving's more fun than getting there - print, Brazil

At first I thought it was a carrot dangling in front of the, but it's the "B" from various map-apps, meaning you'll never reach your destination and that's okay as driving is fun. Vrooom vroom!


TBWA launch Nissan’s new strategy with new Nissan JUKE campaign

The press work unveils an art installation of the Nissan JUKE, formed by adventure sport equipment that inspired the Nissan JUKE design. A Behind the Scene content film can be accessed via QR codes on the outdoor and print executions, showing how the installation was brought together.


Movers: Chad Garber joins Massmarket, and Tendril joins Blacklist

On the left we have Tendril in Toronto, Canada, the director-driven workshop where designers and artists from diverse backgrounds craft visual experiences. They just joined the Blacklist family.

“We're delighted that Tendril had decided to join the Blacklist family,” says Andrew Linsk, Executive Producer, Blacklist. “They're an amazingly talented group of folks, and are quite perfect for capturing many of the high end design driven projects that we see on a regular basis. Also, because Tendril is based in Toronto, they are very accessible for agency collaboration in either New York or LA.”


Nissan Juke - Built to thrill / Skydive - (2012) :60

Nissan Juke - Built to thrill / Skydive - (2012) :60

How do you show off an ad that's part dune-buggy, part snowboard, part scuba diver and all thrill? Toss yourself out of an airplane and have it assembled around you on the way down, of course. Like, du'h.


Professor Bolt for Digicel: Run To London

If it isn't already, rewarding user generated content should now be considered a category in and of itself.

Telecom company Digicel Jamaica gets into the act by throwing its support behind Usain Bolt with a "Run To London" promotion. Jamaicans are prompted to take a photo of themselves striking a running pose (humility for gain) and then upload it to a specially designed Facebook app (who will own it later) for a chance to be part of the campaign (and save money on talent), and hang out with Usain Bolt (for the duration of the tv and print shoot) etc.


Jean Paul Gaultier is Diet Coke's creative director and puppet whisperer...?

Diet Coke has announced Jean Paul Gaultier as its creative director for 2012, and so far it looks like he has made the can smaller and slimmer, redesigned the bottle a bit, and then stalked the puppets seen in the adverts.

Jean Paul Gaultier said: “The brand asked me to explore its fun personality and to style the bottle. I want to show people the codes and signatures I love. The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to ‘dress’ them. The Diet Coke motif is so beautiful I had to design around this. The finishing touch was to apply my logo to the bottle, like applying a fragile stamp – making it something special you want to touch.”

In the ads Jean Paul is seen as a therapist, a private detective and a fashion photographer - as well as a stalker extraordinaire who comes to the rescue during the dolls worst fashion emergencies. "Are you going to press charges?" is his slightly creepy catch-phrase in each ad. Danger; fashion!