Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw beer bottles.

Work Labs is mad and they're taking it to the interwebs. According to their site they are convinced their campaign concept for craft brew Work Beer was stolen by another agency for a different beer.

If you look at the first set of ads (and the rest on their site) it does seem to be a prime Badland candidate. Same headline. Same work-inspired art direction.

Further reading explains the kerfuffle. It seems Work Labs showed their Work Beer ads to New Belgium Brewery, who then may or may not have gotten their current agency of record to create work in the same playground.


Google Chrome - Coffee - (2012) :30 (USA)

Google Chrome - Coffee - (2012) :30 (USA)

Man uses the web to try and win the one that got away back.


PSA / Don't be texting & driving - The Dentist - (2012)

PSA / Don't be texting & driving - The Dentist - (2012)

A multi-tasking dentist reminds you to focus, in this comedic, yet slightly disturbing, Distracted Driving PSA.

Distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in America. This cringe-worthy PSA, directed by Olivier Agostini for Impact Teen Drivers, draws attention to this ugly truth with a little gore to grab the viewer's attention.

"The backbone of the spot was to create awareness on the dangers of distracted driving without relying on the use of ubiquitous scare imagery or graphic car-crash footage." Says Agostini.


D&AD announces yellow pencil winners.... and they are..

Philips 'Obsessed with Sound campaign by Tribal DDB Amsterdam wins the Yellow Pencil in the Digital Design: Sound Design & Use of Music for Websites category, adding yet-another-award to this campaigns list of awards, it's won everything from SXSW to the Dutch Spin Awards and shortlisted in the Clio's.

Chris Baylis, Executive Creative Director, Tribal DDB Amsterdam is chuffed about the pencil, he said:

"When you get into the ad industry, a D&AD pencil is the one you want to win. It's great to have our creativity and craft recognised by the best of the best."

Fluid Cuts a Deal with Piccolo

Fluid is pleased to announce the addition of award-winning editor John Piccolo (JP) to its lineup. JP recently teamed up with @radical's Dave Meyers and BBDO on the ADDY Award-winning Exploded spot, as part of the visually extraordinary Never Stop Improving campaign for Lowe's. He has also recently collaborated with a few of the industry's top directors such Hungry Man's Hank Perlman, O Positive's Kenny Herzog and HSI's Ryan Ebner. His agency relationships include DDB NY, BBDO, Mullen, Fallon and Y+R to name a few.


Director Nick Piper Joins Backyard from B-Reel

Nick Piper is returning to Backyard. The highly inventive director, who previously spent eight years at Backyard, re-joins after a 15-month stint at B-Reel (Creativity's '2012 production company of the year'). Piper is an expert in visually driven storytelling, performance direction, and all aspects of visual problem solving. He is also creative partner at Santa Monica-based VFX studio Chemical Effects, and plans to take advantage of the studio's talent in his Backyard work whenever appropriate.

The reunion between Piper and Backyard grew out of a recent encounter with Backyard founder Blair Stribley and longtime Backyard East Coast sales rep Chris Zander at the Backyard office where Piper was excited to share his newly-assembled reel with the two of them.


jumP Adds Rosen and Edwards

jumP is pleased to welcome editors Jonathan Edwards and Wendy Rosen—both Red Car alums—to its New York roster.

"Wendy and Jonathan are absolute pros who fit in perfectly at jumP," noted MD Dee Tagert. "We're always looking to round out our already versatile roster; their individual expertise will be an enormous asset as we make 2012 one of our most exciting years to date."

Rosen, whose work leans toward the flawlessly timed comic, brings a wide-ranging reel to jumP, with work for industry heavy-hitters Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, P&G, General Mills and M&M/MArs. Prior to joining jumP, Rosen spent five years at Red Car. She also did a seven-year run as editor/owner of 3 Fingered Louie and worked for four years as an editor at Mad River.


Jaffa Cake introduces the lick-able lift!

Michief PR and McVitie's have come up with the lick-able Jaffa Cake sticker, so they can get images like these, and have decorated an entire office elevator with them. Yes, they taste like Jaffa cakes! It's the lucky folks at Engine that get to lick their elevator walls all day long, which will get boring by next week. 1,325 Jaffa Cakes and four weeks of painstaking planning is what it took to have this polka-dotted joy of a ride in the office.


Kewpie Tarako - Girls in town - (2012) :30 (Japan)

Kewpie Tarako - Girls in town - (2012) :30 (Japan)

They are wearing dresses with dresses on them, because you can't have too many dresses. Also one is wearing parrot head as hat. This is Kewpie Tarako land, your logic is not welcome here. This pasta sauce will have you entranced. Kind of like this ad.