The homage to fromage (sorry) & the fondue melting pot

Red Tettemer + Partners created a digital campaign for The Melting Pot fondue restaurants where the first 25,000 people to sign up for the Brand’s Club Fondue on April 11, 2012 get free fondue. OooH! Ew? Fun-do! Sorry.

Integrating this cheesy holiday into “The Fondue Effect” creative platform that RT+P created for the franchise organization in 2011, cheese lovers should expect to experience “The Cheese Fondue Effect” in all of its cheesy glory. In addition to microsite creative, expect to see elements of creative on Club Fondue Email, on-premise collateral, corporate and franchisee Facebook pages as well as chatter on Twitter accounts ( and @TheMeltingPot).


Tic Tac - Worst breath in the world - flash mob with fainting people - (2012)

Tic Tac - Worst breath in the world - flash mob with fainting people - (2012)

This is a cruel, cruel stunt. One man runs off in a panic and honestly that's the sanest reaction because ones immediate thought when everyone around you faints isn't "I must have bad breath", instead it's "OMG NERVE GAS!", or perhaps "hilfe Zombie attack!"


Decon Ramps Up Ad Presence with Neumann Addition

On the heels of hiring Misha Louy as EP and Partner, Decon continues its steady ramp-up in the advertising space with the addition of Creative Director and Director Wyatt Neumann, who joins the studio from R/GA. Neumann brings a solid resume on both the production and agency sides of the business, with experience leading accounts for Verizon and shooting campaigns for clients like Nokia and Frontier Airlines (including Super Bowl spots). He has also contributed to countless campaigns for major brands, including work for HP, Nike, Ameriprise Financial, Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo!, Virgin, Target and Starbucks.


TNT - "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" - stunt, Belgium

TNT - "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" - stunt, Belgium

To launch TNT - "we know drama" - in Belgium, Turner decided to take the drama to the streets. In a small town square where usually nothing at all happens, they placed a big red button and encouraged people with a giant arrow to push it to "add drama".


Burger King used 2,548 hot sauce packets to make a hot sauce billboard.

Y&R In Turkey decided to gross us all out by using 2,548 hot sauce packets to make a billboard depicting a person reacting to the hot of the hot sauce.

Yes, real hot sauce packets. Good thing it doesn't rain too often, but it seems this hot sauce is also resistent to gravity. I don't want to eat that. But the passer-by caught in the photo here might be thinking about it. I wonder how long this stayed up before curious kid fingers ruined the motif? In a way it reminds me of the bubble gum by numbers posters, fascinating but gross. The bubble gum by numbers were a very clever way to encourage people to dispose of their gum properly though.


"Fuck the diet!" ~Unilever

Finally Unilever says what most people think: "Fuck the Diet". Of course they can't be brandishing the F-word in the US, but in Germany, this is totally kosher. Or so they thought dum dum dum! But the punters aren't having any of it and writing angry posts on the FB-wall of DuDarfst:

Are there not enough smart people in the team who could find a better expression of emotion than FUCK the Diet?! The German language has so much to offer! This route is not brave, this approach possible in the bottom of the level! And it's still the will of the people contributing to want to lose weight. Dieting or not. Errors have to be there to be made. I hope that you find a better slogan to appeal to buyers.


Go art Director! go!

Words of encouragement from copywriters are the lines we never hear (and often for day-m good reason) like:

True, I mean realistically who reads body copy these days?

You carry your lack of sleep with unmatched grace

- ha! Yeah right!


Vytautas viral ad just like Powerthirst skit and Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator ad

I don't even.... I mean, Powerthirst was a viral skit, which later became a viral ad for a film, and now has been ripped as a real ad for mineral water? Seriously? Are our collective memories so short now that we don't remember 2007? Oh. It was the drugs. Sure. Blame the drugs.


Laboratoires SIVO - Mafia / Kidnapping / Turkish bath - Tunis

If you are are nearsighted your eyes can play tricks on you.

Ok, fine. I get that. But here's what I don't get. While depicting possible kidnapping scenarios, Mafia-filled restaurants and saunas with leering dudes in them... What exactly are you saying about your client, Laboratoires SIVO, products and services? That's right, nothing. Nothing at all. Everyone who is nearsighted has this issue, and all you're really saying is that your client sells glasses, which I'm sure they can't be the only ones in Tunisia who do.

So yeah, nearsighted people without glasses and active imaginations see Hollywood-style action scenes where there isn't any. Got it.


Caine's Arcade U.S.

What's Caine's Arcade, you ask? It's a heartwarming film about a little boy named Caine, and his arcade. Created by L.A. based ad shop Interconnected, Caine's Arcade tells the true story of a boy who uses his imagination and nine year old scientific know how to create a cardboard arcade that no one uses. Until one day, things change. A man (who I think just might be Interconnected's founder Nirvan Mullick) decides to buy a fun pass for Caine's arcade. He is so taken with Caine, he organizes a flash mob to get people to show up and play his games.