Adidas Presents Take The Stage: all 2012 (U.K.)

Hip hop star points to youth and says "you're up next." Basically it's every chav's wet dream.

adidas via Montreal's Sid Lee, makes a big splash for the U.K. in a hyper-edited star-studded tour of London with Wretch 32 as our guide. Along the way we see the U.K. adi-ambassadors. On the music side it's Caspa, Wretch, Devlin, Example. For sport it's Tom Daley, gymnast Louis Smith, cyclist Victoria Pendleton, Beckham (reading the Sun, no less) and Derrick Rose.

The worlds asvertising review

Portfolio night 10 - getting people into the ad world since 2003

Portfolio night is here again, and the budding little ad-men embryos will use all of their creative skills to get in the biz. Striking visual, instead of a sperm heading toward the egg it's a pin aiming to poke the condom. Which will result in a very sloppily broken condom much like a pin meeting a balloon does. So wait, the new generation of adkids are going to destroy advertising? That makes sense. Get me some of those for my agency plzkthxbai.

Yes, the portfolio night tour is on again and if you want some experienced eyes on your work kids, look up your city and get ready to rumble. MAY 23, 2012 is the date to remember, and you can attend in Stockholm, Dublin, Shanghai, Athens, Beijing, Budapest... etc and so on.


UPP - Every day photographers are used without consent / Every day we're screwed

In a visual that clearly translated to a photographer "being screwed", the UPP wishes to draw attention to the plight of photographers in the era of the re-sharable file on the internet.

Every day, photographers work and reflect the reality through their eyes. Every day photographers risk their lives to keep us informed.
Every day, photos are published on the internet, in newspapers, books, commercials, bringing the value.
But the photographer continues to be treated as if it produced nothing. His work has no value. It's not that bad or is that his work is worth nothing.
This is much simpler.
Every day, his photographs are used by thousands of people (press, publishers, advertisers, communicators) who act as if they had found them on the floor.


PSA Stivoro anti smoking - Pyramids / Motorcycles / Choo shoes - the netherlands

You know, I've recently given up my pack-a-day habit and it's not really a good thing if your visual makes me twitch looking for a lighter. It's also not so good if the whole 'sculpt a picture out of cigarettes' execution been used before like with the Hitler and Bin Ladin posters created from cigarettes. To make it even more badlandery, the idea of how much money you spend (read waste) on smoking has been explored before as well. Still, it's a rather arresting visual so I hope it does hit home with some in the target.


Hub Strategy Releases Out of Home Campaign for USF

– Hub Strategy, the San Francisco-based integrated creative agency, today unveiled the first-ever overall visibility advertising campaign for the University of San Francisco to increase awareness and recognition for the institution.

The citywide visibility campaign will launch throughout San Francisco on transit shelters, billboards, taxi tops, Muni sides, online banners and San Francisco-based print.

The campaign also leans on San Francisco as a major part of the messaging, as well as the design. The background images are all photographs taken around the city. Hub steered clear of typical imagery of San Francisco, such as the touristy Golden Gate Bridge, and instead focused on giving perspectives of the city from USF.


Banned ad of the week: American Apparel sell pants by showing tits and sweater by showing ass

The ASA calls the above campaign amateurish and we noted that the majority of clothing items featured in the ads were outer garments, and considered that the nature of the women’s poses meant that their breasts and buttocks were the focal points of the images rather than the products. We considered that the nudity was therefore gratuitous.


Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, part 2

Continuing on with an exploration of U.S. Armed Forces advertising.... Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, Part 1 is under that link.

The Air Force

While The Air Force's official .mil site is RSS heavy and more like a community bulletin, the recruitment website is the most high-tech and modern I've seen so far. It's modern in the same way “Tron,” is modern.

Its navigation borders on futuristic, making its tagline “It’s Not Science Fiction,” quite ironic. The center navigation is easy enough, leading to separate three-dimensional components for more information, a video game and other things designed to get you learning.


Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, Part 1

We harbor the somewhat delusional opinion that consumers are waiting with bated breath to follow our communication across all media channels. See the Youtube video, click the Facebook link at the end. See the sneak peek behind the scenes short at the cinema, so you can then share it on your special app.

The reality is that it’s hard enough to get someone interested in viewing even one ad. But let’s assume for a second it is true. Some brands do an excellent job of maintaining the unified message. Adidas and Nike and Starbucks are consistent across all media. So no matter where you are, you see the same message, even if the executions change.


Ads seen from trains - the cheering, and not cheering, people as you pass has been done.

I'm sure we could do an entire badlander series of ads (and Chemical brothers music videos) filmed from trains. I'm showing you these three to demonstrate how different the mood can be despite how similar filmed the motion is.


Lego campaigns seem based on lego enthusiasts images

Just a note here, the Lego campaign from JvM that seems based on an internet meme/image isn't the first one from Lego to do that. It's not even the first from JvM and Lego.

Take the image above as and example. The Tank Lego ad is from "Making History" where tanks, the Brandenburg and the Ali knockout are depicted in lego. Kinda like historic moments in Lego and very much like this Tiananmen Square recreation.