VW Polo - Dad / I'll watch over you - (2012) :90 (UK)

VW Polo - Dad / I'll watch over you - (2012) :90 (UK)

Protective father's evolving relationship with his daughter goes from sheilding her from rain, to boys and eventually when she is due to fly the nest his protective act is to get her into the safest car he knows.

There's rumbling on the interwebs that the song in this spot is too close of a soundalike to the Beach House song "Take Care".

Update Beach House released a statement on their facebook page that they were approached to licence the song but declined the offer.


Carly's Café - Experience Autism Through Carly's Eyes - (2012)

Carly's Café - Experience Autism Through Carly's Eyes - (2012)

People are becoming more aware of autism, the mysterious condition that affects 1 in 88 children. Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old who was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2, has made it her life mission to help educate people around the world about the truths and myths of autism since finding her voice at age 10.


GM to Facebook: We're done here.

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, General Motors is yanking its advertising from Facebook.


Cannes Media Person of the year 2012 : Jack Dorsey, father of Twitter

The Cannes Lions Media Person of the year award 2012 goes to Jack Dorsey, the creator, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Twitter, Inc. and the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Square, Inc. Join us in 2013 when the prize goes to Pinterest!


Barack Obama first Gay president, first jewish president, not the first cover idea done like this.

Newsweek is getting a lot of press for the cover "The first gay president", illustrated by Obama wearing a rainbow (neon?) halo above his head. He is getting this title for his "bullshit gay marriage announcement" as Gawker put it. As I recall in September last year Barack Obama was the first Jewish president, as depicted on the cover on New York Magazine, so I'm only here to point out the Badlander-like issue. If I see Barack Obama as the first woman president on a magazine cover near you soon, I'll personally slap the creative who designed that cover with a wet trout. I bet Obama will be wearing lipstick too.


Apple store sign is mocked by Android store next door - "Apple sucks" ..Android

This store in China, right next to an Apple store wants to spell out that Apple sucks and does so rather graphically using the logos from each business.


Depressed Copywriter "Liberates" a 35 year old art movement.

Have you heard about Depressed Copywriter?

It's a website where someone takes little strips of paper and changes a headline on some ad to make it more, well, depressing. The site is one instagrammed photo after another, with depressing additives to random headlines.
Oh, and there's a quote by Banksy in the about section. Because you know, adding a Banksy quote makes stuff become very intelligent.

It's getting all the raves now. On Creativity and Huffpo and the San Ramona High Senior School newspaper, too. Have you seen it? Have you seen the image above?

Have you seen it anywhere else?


Sunrun sells solar energy on price, not saving dolphin babies. Though dolphin babies are cute too.

When it comes to selling green alternatives advertising has trotted out grateful polar bears hugging folks (twice, at least), and even fiji water has pretended it's "green" in a really low attempt to greenwash.

But if you want to expand market share, you want to talk to more people than just the dolphin baby-saving flax seed eating weird pickle-guys, right? Right. If you play your cards right, you may even dispel a myth that green energy is somehow more expensive than other types of energy. Win!


Case Study Bingo Cards

Considering the amount of case studies rolling in this week, the fact that we're all gearing up for Cannes lions so there's no end in sight quite yet, and the advice doled out in our Adland Tutorial on Case Studies I thought it's h


Sauza Tequila - Make it with a Fireman - (2013) 2:00 (USA)

Sauza Tequila - Make it with a Fireman - (2013) 2:00 (USA)

Make it with a fireman. Get it? Yes there's a sizzling sex bomb showing us how to make a good stiff drink here, after saving kittens, speaking french and understanding the pains of high heels. He's like Old Spice's cousin, and he brought booze.