EDF Energy-Thank You- (2012)- (UK)

French company EDF Energy wants you to feel better about energy. And the best way to make you feel better about energy is to give you prizes as a Thank You.
Prizes ranging from a lowered energy bill to Olympics tickets. Because every client and their grandmother will piggy back on the olympics this year.

ais London dropped the newest installment of its "Thank Yous campaign," with a giant handmade zoetrope to illustrate all the faboo prizes one can win with EDF Energy. It's hand made. It's crazy fun. And I think I'd rather win that than tickets to see the olympics, but that's just me.

This is all working in tandem with EDF's new "Feel Better Energy," campaign, mind you. AMV did the TV spot to go with the campaign launch. A spot starring a youtube mascot.


Jameson Irish Whiskey - Pub Paintings - (2012)

Here's quite the clever bar ad creep that just nabbed a Bronze at the one show which means that yes, you will very likely see this in Cannes this year. TBWA\Chiat\Day New York have tried before, and not quite reached Cannes quality limits but like a good whisky this campaign is maturing, and personally I think that "Pub paintings" has a chance at some lion-action.

Spot McSorley's old Ale house among the bars, the paintings fit right in there.

See also The Hawk of Achill.


NYT battle - Real Life game - NYT.fi

NYT.fi magazines motto is "right here, right now" and they wanted more eyballs on their website. Helsingin Sanomat responded by coming up with a battle concept, three teams lead by celebs had to complete tasks across the city of Helsinki in one day, and points given in the shape of like & shares on facebook were added to their score. Make a bus driver laugh. Breakdance in the central station. Freestyle rap to someone over 50. Collect five kisses from strangers. As the teams sped through their tasks, the clips generated brought the traffic to NYT.fi.


Scamworld: "You got to run your business like a Mafia-like organization" article on Internet marketing

If you only have a moment to kick back and read a single proper article this weekend, make it : Scamworld: 'Get rich quick' schemes mutate into an online monster written by Joseph L. Flatley at the Verge. He dives deep into the world of Internet Marketing and finds a network of pitchmen who have used the internet and fear of a failing economy to play the ultimate long con. It's detailed, it's well written, and it's depressing as hell.


Schools That Can - Best seats in the house - (2012) :45 (USA)

Schools That Can - Best seats in the house - (2012) :45 (USA)

A simple, unadorned classroom seat that millions upon millions of students sit in every day, every year, everywhere.

That iconic seat is the centerpiece of a new 45-second animated video created by Psyop and Ogilvy & Mather New York on behalf of Schools That Can, a national non-profit network of high-performing urban schools in under-served communities.

Helmed by Psyop Creative Director Gerald Ding, the spot depicts some of these aspirational occupations by piecing them together from playful illustrations of educational ephemera. Protractor-shaped spaceships zoom by in outer space and test tube clusters play the part of undersea coral.


DUCK Throws a Knife Party with Latest Addition

DUCK has sliced two birds with one stone, considerably escalating its presence in both the live-action and animation realms with the addition of versatile director Knife Party. The Sydney, Australia-based talent - also known as Simon Robson - will focus on ad campaigns, full-length feature films, and cause-based special projects.


Faber Castell - Munch's "The scream" & Van Gogh’s "Terrace Cafe at Night" recreated

Here's somethig that's a lot more complicated than the rather nifty framed Crayola monogram in @adland's image feed - Faber Castell created "the scream" in cut bits of colorful Faber Castell's.

Ted Kaczynski,

"I still believe in global warming. Do you?" asks Ted Kaczynski in now pulled billboard.

The Seventh International Conference on Climate Change have already pulled their billboards in Chicago, less than 24 hours after they went up. The billboards showed Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber, Charles Manson, a mass murderer, Fidel Castro and other global warming alarmists including Osama bin Laden and James J. Lee, linking belief in global warming to being a mass-murdering certified psycho-nutter. Beacuse you know, those things are totally the same.


Ben and Jerry Street art - Dublin is made of ice-cream

Ben and Jerry's Ireland introduced their new Core flavour Karamel Sutra to Dublin via this installation where a giant spoon dug into Dublin's core to find said ice-cream. To create this, Ben & Jerry teamed up with street art activist Will St Leger and built this punny "good to the core" moment in Dublin’s city centre.


Rock Paper Scissors Cuts Refreshed Go Daddy Campaign / Marlena & Wallace Berries (2012)

Rock Paper Scissors Cuts Refreshed Go Daddy Campaign / Marlena & Wallace Berries (2012)

Don't wave goodbye to the barely-clad babes just yet, but Go Daddy has introduced a whole new cast of characters short on looks and big on brains.