The Comic Sans Defenders deface logotypes

Shit Art Directors say to Comic Sans: OW! My Eyes!

Well, the Comic Sans project hope to change that. By re-doing famous and easily recognisable logotypes using only the right pantone and Comic sans, they hope you might warm up to the wonky face.


It really just a question of time before we have the Comic Sans movie. It'll be a horror film, of course. And yes, it's enterily possible thet the comic sans defenders are taking the ironic piss, which is so 90s by the way.


MLA - Sam Kekovich & Melissa Tkautz / Barbie Girl / Australia Day (2012) 3:00 (Australia)

MLA - Sam Kekovich & Melissa Tkautz / Barbie Girl / Australia Day (2012) 3:00 (Australia)

At this point the Meat and Livestock Association's Lambassador Sam Kekovich's rants on everything un-Australian could do with a bit of a twist, so here they turned it into a three minute "Barbie Girl" music video, except with lamp chops and Melissa Tkautz instead of Danish p


Hub Strategy/The Utility Collective PLYprints

Hub Strategy, the San Francisco-based integrated creative agency, has partnered with The Utility Collective to design their first-ever consumer product: ready-to-hang artwork printed on 12-inch x 18-inch maple veneer wood panels to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. These are being sold here on The Utility Collective website and plans are underway to sell the product at retail. Ten dollars from the sale of each piece will be directly donated to Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd is best-known for their aggressive protection of whales and dolphins from illegal whalers, and is featured in the Animal Planet series “Whale Wars.” This project, from Hub and The Utility Collective, reflects this protection of defending the defenseless.


Finally the London Olympics does something that looks good: Paul Smith stamps.

While O2 prepares to create the largest free wi-fi zone covering all of London during the Olympics and some designers are still threatening suicide over how ugly the London Olympics graphics are, Paul Smith snuck in a special stamp that looks just as sleek as the Otl Aicher München Olympics graphics. The stamps are designed for the Isle of Man Post Office, and are inspired by Paul Smith's freind the Olympic cyclist, and Isle of Man native, Mark Cavendish. Way to raise the bar there Paul.


Madge billboard mocked by pizza billboard

Remember the "Madge" billboard that milked a woman to poo-poo GM food? Here's an interesting image of a Madge-billboard in situ, next to another billboard showing happy ppizza.bakers about to shove a pizza-bun into.. er..


TD Ameritrade: "Karen & Jeremiah" 2012, USA

 TD Ameritrade: "Karen & Jeremiah"  2012, USA

TD tells us how simple life is, in a very Wes Anderson in spired way. Except for the music choice. Had it been The Kinks, The Sonics or some obscure mid 60's band, then it would have been more Anderson-esque.


The Anti Drugs Timeline - Facebok stunt by Israel Anti-drug authority

The Anti Drugs Timeline - Facebok stunt by Israel Anti-drug authority

McCann Israel uses the Facebook timeline to show two lives. One with drugs, and one without - a sort of "sliding doors" in social media. Neat stunt that drives the point home, life is better without drugs.


Happy holidays from Organic, Droga5 and the angry designers tired of making Holiday cards.

This year, the ad agency Xmas cards are a little nut. The one where you'll see the most naked man leg is the innocent-sounding Ugly sweater from Organic, where everyone at Organic pose in their ugliest holiday sweater. And nothing else. Oh dear. Thank you for the pixels.

The Droga5 christmas card is more of a ... press release. Of course, this made me laugh out loud. so points guys. Well played.

Droga5 today announced its selection of McGarryBowen as the advertising agency of record for its holiday card business. The hard-fought win caps a stellar growth year for Dentsu-owned McGarryBowen. The agency will handle lead creative duties for the Droga5 holiday card account.