Hipster Branding - logos retrofied

Hipster Branding has re-done the logos of Adidas, Mercedes, Motorola and even Goldman Sachs to gain hipster-cred. Oh yeah, this designer has your number.


Music For Adverts

A recent review in Pitchfork panned The Ting Tings latest album, dismissing it with this swipe:

"The restless genre-hopping vibe makes this feel less like an album and more like a series of tracks written to briefs."

The Ting Tings have had their music licensed in spots and performed in adidas-sponsored events. But the review is implicitly critical of what it perceives now to be a conscientious decision to write music for the express purposes of licensing.


Lego campaign from JvM based on single internet image?

Here it seems that once again internet research has paid off for a creative team. One of the oldest badlanders we have showed that Southwest airlines campaign used viral webfilms as their funny idea back in 2000, so researching on the web is pretty old-school. We saw the Lego = Minimalist Simpsons image at the design firm Tobias & Tobias blog in a post aptly named Pattern Recognition recently, and now we see it as an ad for lego from Jung von Matt.

No idea where the photograph comes from, nor when it was made, even Tineye.com doesn't know.


Pinterest, the copyright-infringing advertising board for cupcake-lovers

Pinterest. The confusion of it all. Why is it that Pinterest gathered so many worrying about the copyright holders interests, when so many (buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter, and so on and so fourth) others have not?

It could be because of Pinterestes own confusing terms, vs copyrights vs etiquette pages. Lets check!

Pintererest Terms of Use


Skittles back as contagious spots, unibrow weirdness and stomach bug

Skittles are being weird again, when innocent unibrowed girls aren't falling into the wrong crowd who are just using her for her skittle-brow, young men are being cornered in the library and forcefully used by hungry young women who just want him to release his load of skittles. Having a skittles affliction in high school sucks


2 Boys at the beach - (2012) - The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace

2 Boys at the beach - (2012) - The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace

The animation presents two young boys: David, an Israeli, and Ali, a Palestinian. They play carelessly on the beach in a hypothetical, but poignantly real future time of peace. As they speak of the unthinkable violence of the past, images of suicide bombers, scrambling jet fighters, and an impenetrable wall boil over the screen. The pair, relieved that the chaos has ended so they can be friends, end the 2:00 animation by discarding their shirts and sprinting into the ocean.


15th Annual SXSW awards, winners are Obsessed with Sound, lollipop stalker Jason Zada and Tesco

The winners were revealed last night at the 15th Annual SXSW Interactive Awards ceremony in Austin, Texas. The SXSW Interactive Music category rewards exceptional projects related to musicians, bands, and the music industry.
Philips ‘Obsessed with Sound’ is an interactive music video featuring a performance by the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. T
Sandra Krstic, Deputy Managing Partner, Tribal DDB Amsterdam said:


The Toilet Book - student portfolios invading a cubicle near you

Akos Papp and Laszlo Szloboda are two students graduated from Miami Ad School who paid careful attention to the targeted media classes. They want work, and they want it now, In New York City of all places, so they snuck in to their favorite agencies to leave copies of their portfolio where their target market - top creative directors - would be a captive audience.

Since top creatives are quite busy people they have no time to look at the hundreds of junior books they receive. Not at their desks at least. However there are five minutes in their day when they are alone and would read almost anything; on the toilet.


Choko la - the candy wrapper business card , yum.

Cosmic Kitchens owns Choko la, New Delhi's premium chocolate chain. What better way to tell people what their number is than by the candy wrapper business card ?


Variér - Panda & Leopard / Never too early to save your back - print, Italy

The not so fantastic photoshopped tattoos here depict endangered species on the backs of a man and a woman, with the line: "It's never too early to save your back". The product, chairs that help you hold a better posture, is hidden away all Cannes-like in the corner.

It might work better in Italian, but seems a long walk for a ham sandwich here.