QR code campaign...... on Ipad

Here's a QR code in ad withe the line "Sharpen up" that displays anything but sharp thinking.

Someone forgot to think about this, didn't they?


BBH responds to the critique of their Homeless Hotspots at #SXSW

BBH straightens out some question marks that have bubbled up in the insane chatter about their Homeless Hotspots at SXSW. We all feel much better about this idea now that we know they're not selling anything and there's no brand involved. Or not.

As the comments show on the BBH post sarcasm waves are running high.

Canned Lions
The TWO club

Fight Ghost ads - When you fake the work, you fake the award.

As the representatives of White Square International Advertising Festival in Israel, we looked for a unique way to promote the festival among Israel's leading ad agencies, which are unfamiliar with it. In cooperation with Forbes Magazine, we've created DontFake.com, a creative competition in which agencies are asked to create press ads to promote a global agenda against Ghost / Scam Advertising. See http://dontfake.com/


Tilly's t-shirts quite inspired by the Salvation Army's WARdrobe t-shirts

Looks like the So Cal Clothing Store has "borrowed" the salvation army's WARdrobe Eagle design. Check Tilly's eagle tee here, looks pretty similar, doesn't it? So similar in fact, I'm putting this under dupliclaims. At least the salvation army has a reason for the war motif's in their wardrobe designs, it's all part of their global fight for social justice through art and apparel. On the Tilly's shirt I'm sure it's there just 'cuz "it looks cool".


"Invisible Children" 30-min clicktivism film takes web by storm, is this the future of activism?

By now you, your mom, and even your chia pet has seen the film Invisible Children unleashed in the world on tuesday. This film with 5.35 million Facebook shares and 3,277 blog posts out-viraled every funny cat and car advert on the internet this week, despite, or perhaps due to, the fact it's thirty minutes long.

This chart found at Campaign is produced in conjunction with Unruly media ranks how often the video has been shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. It was a runaway suceess in sharing.


Hahn beer academy campaign sets out to solve all our beer problems

Hahn have been "Pioneering Beering" ever since Publicis Mojo came out with the super in super out showing how exactly a Hahn beer gets so super dry to the tune of Knight Rider. Now Hahn is back with the Hahn Beer Academy, a place where all our little beer problems shall be solved. How can you avoid spilling your beer? How can we prevent beer mats from sticking to our beer? How do we best keep our beer cold? Hahn, can you help?


Hahn - Beer Identification - (2012) :90

Hahn - Beer Identification - (2012) :90

Dear Hahn,
At a party it's easy to forgot which beer belongs to whom, what would you do?

Also, when drinking lots of beer, it's easy to forget grammar rules, but that's not a bug that's a feature.


Hahn - Keeping Beer cold - (2012) :60

Hahn - Keeping Beer cold - (2012) :60

Dear Hahn,

On a hot summer day my beer gets warm very quickly, can you help?

Don't nitro-chill it. I said don't nitro-chill it...


Hahn - Non Stick Beer mat - (2012) :60

Hahn - Non Stick Beer mat - (2012) :60

Dear Hahn, soggy beer mats alway stick to the bottom of my beer. Can you help?

Brilliant! Giant beer-mat table. You're soooo smartz like it's.. uh..