Sorrell is worrying 'about the ability to monetize social platforms'.

Over at Adweek Michael Wolff spots that Sorrell is worrying about social media, or rather the digital media advertising market. He's jawboning, Wolff concludes.

Facebook, like Google before it, is about to usher in another great depression in the value of the ad market. Its billions of user views which it can sell for fractional pennies will create, for Facebook, a cash gusher. But for everyone else, it will cheapen the value of digital media. By once again letting the technology guys control the advertising play, the chance is great that they will take volume instead of spending the time and effort to develop a more particular and exclusive branding play.


Byggmax apologizes for "Sami" ad with the worst pun in history.

Same Same men billigt reads the most trying pun I've ever seen in this Byggmax headline. Yes, they're playing with the English expression same same but different, instead adding "but cheap" in Swedish at the end. Of course if you read the word "Same" in Swedish instead of English, you'll be saying Sámi. As in the arctic indigenous people inhabiting Sápmi (for those who can't be bothered figuring out where that is, just picture "the north" of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and add the Kola Peninsula of Russia).


Ogilvy Malaysia takes the ol' "Amnesty" transparent poster idea one step further

Remember the Amnesty posters that depicted torture in far off lands as if they were happening where the poster was? The visual trick used was the transparent meme that hit it big on Flickr earlier, which might have inspired the posters. Later similar ideas appeared Kids company was badlanded for being similar to Amnesty, in execution at least.


Lego - Caterpillar / Whale / Monster - (2011)

New twist on the old transparent photo meme as the posters show what you can imagine with the help of lego. Yes, literally, with the help of Lego. It took 97,096 pieces and three outdoor adshells to make this. Nice.

Commercials: vs Creative Calendar - keep track of award shows, nothing beats T-minus countdown

Couldn't help but notice that the calendar with all the various important photo award dates listed, is a tad similar to the recent Creative Calendar with all the important award dates listed.... At least in the base idea, list award deadlines on calendar. Not in execution, they're miles apart in style. Also, one is for a client while the other is self-promo for Leo Burnett, so they care about different award shows too.

Photolibrary created by Brandcom Middle East UAE in 2008. The Creative Calendar made by Leo Burnett, Paris 2011


Ad Chat - Bernie Watt

Hello Monday. Today we chat with Bernie Watt, copywriter extraordinary at Make in Sydney, Australia. Give him a follow on The Twitter at @berniegerm or check out his blog at

And now, on with the questions...

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?
It's not that funny, but I used to play in a punk band and an orchestra (not simultaneously, but at the same time)

What piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you most? How or why?
The animation of Terry Gilliam (Monty Python). It was surreal and removed the need for a definitive narrative. It is the thing that turns Monty Python from a disjointed sketch comedy into a piece of genius. Through his work, I discovered many of the great artists.


ASAI Ban ISPCC's 'I Can't Wait Until I Grow Up' because the abuser is a man

There's a bit of a cat-fight between the ASA Ireland and the ISPCC Ireland right now. The ASA upheld a complaint against the ISPCC's "when I grow up" on the grounds of - wait for it - gender inequality.


Life on the hillbilly "ecological meat" farm (Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest)

Look ma, no arms! L-R director Linda Callenholt, Creative/AD Gustav Egerstedt and director Oskar Bård
The theme of this years Elma Horror movie fest is Hillbilly horror, and that lent itself to this idea in spreading the word about the festival. The creatives from Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm and Directors from Hobby film went north to films lots of blood, gore and laughing hillbillies, plus one explosion. Part 1 and part 2 (below) worked as teasers on youtube and encouraged people to "like" the festival on Facebook so that they'd save the armless man. Turns out they're lying, in film 2 they simply blow him up.


Carlsberg - Bikers Cinema Stunt

Carlsberg - Bikers Cinema Stunt

Carlsberg and Duval Guillaume decide to pull a prank on unsuspecting movie going couples. They filled the cinema with the baddest boys around, and left only two seats in the middle empty.