Google Re:Brief:

Or: How making-of films are less real than 41 year old tv spots.

In what's written like a campaign rip for award shows, a tidy little video explains Google Re:brief. Which dares to ask the question, what if we could take the original creatives who came up with iconic work and transform those ads for the digital space?

It is a treat watching the Harvey Gabor video, seeing the original Mad Men era creative waxing nostalgic about the good old days making Coca-Cola's "Hilltop." and working hard to use those old creative muscles to explore new territory.


Russel Brewing Co / A Wee Angry Scotch Ale - "1st Date" - (2012)

Russel Brewing Co / A Wee Angry Scotch Ale  - "1st Date" - (2012)

To the daughters horror, she watches as dad approves of her date simply due to the bribery beer.

It is a mighty fine beer, though.


"Men who know, say NO to prostitutes"

For Sunday reading, I'm researching propaganda posters and found this article at Mother Jones discussing the war on STDs.

Army medical records dating back to the Revolutionary War show significant soldier losses due to venereal diseases. In a two-year period during the Civil War, the Union Army documented 100,000 cases of gonorrhea. During World War I, the Army lost 7 million person-days and discharged more than 10,000 men because they were ailing from STDs.

Yowza, well no wonder the US army handed out condoms like it was candy and declared Syphilis the enemy.


Kompen Kloggen - Please may I sniff your Kompen Kloggen?

Watch out boys she's only after your... cigar? No wait, they lost me here.

This ran in Esquire Magazine, the innuendo years.


Take a look inside the small surf city of TBWA/Chiat/day (and night)

If you've ever been curious to what the Chiat Day Office style looks like, there's plenty of pictures in the Refinery29 article, coupled with interviews asking everyone from Carisa Bianchi who looks like she might knock you out with the hammer, to Jayanta Jenkins to the always impeccable in white Patrick O'Neill a bit on what it's like to work in a building that is set up like a small city. The space is massive, and open, with "roads" and parks and even giant "ads".


Hipster Branding - logos retrofied

Hipster Branding has re-done the logos of Adidas, Mercedes, Motorola and even Goldman Sachs to gain hipster-cred. Oh yeah, this designer has your number.


Music For Adverts

A recent review in Pitchfork panned The Ting Tings latest album, dismissing it with this swipe:

"The restless genre-hopping vibe makes this feel less like an album and more like a series of tracks written to briefs."

The Ting Tings have had their music licensed in spots and performed in adidas-sponsored events. But the review is implicitly critical of what it perceives now to be a conscientious decision to write music for the express purposes of licensing.


Lego campaign from JvM based on single internet image?

Here it seems that once again internet research has paid off for a creative team. One of the oldest badlanders we have showed that Southwest airlines campaign used viral webfilms as their funny idea back in 2000, so researching on the web is pretty old-school. We saw the Lego = Minimalist Simpsons image at the design firm Tobias & Tobias blog in a post aptly named Pattern Recognition recently, and now we see it as an ad for lego from Jung von Matt.

No idea where the photograph comes from, nor when it was made, even doesn't know.