Super Bowl advertisements critiqued by eight-year old.

Listen up, ad pros. Arturo the eight year old super bowl adcritic has a few choice words for you. Mainly "stupid" and "fools stupid".

He thought the Lexus ad was "funny stupid", the E*trade talking babies are "not even funny or anything like that. People may think so but I don't." You tell'em kiddo! The Dannon spot was met with giant eyes and a "what in the world...?" which is honestly the only reaction one can have to an ad that shite.

He also thinks there should be more monkeys in advertising. I think the person behind the camera who works at crowelladvertising should teach this kid that chimps are apes, not monkeys.


Lost In Motion

Lost In Motion

Opening on a lone male figure, Ben Shirinian’s two-minute film pulls its viewer into the world of dancer Guillaume Côté as he loses himself to his movement in an undefined, mysterious space. Combining live action with subtle visual effects, Lost in Motion encapsulates the precision and technique of the dance to beautiful effect, exposing the strength and athleticism behind it.


Gatorade G Moments: Eli Manning - Topical NYT ad yesterday

For the past few years Gatorade has congratulated its athletes by taking a step back, shining the spotlight on their G moments. Today they celebrate The Giants, and Eli Manning's G moment: winning his second Super Bowl.


McDonald's Poppy guerilla stunt might last forever as it's illegal to remove it

Sean Click may have come up with the everlasting ad, as "it is illegal to pick, destroy, or dig up a California poppy" in California where this McDonald's logo appears on the side of a road. (California Penal Code § 384a actually this law applies to any plant, not just poppies.)


Mars Bar - Grand Manan / Heated viewing area - (2012) :30

Mars Bar - Grand Manan / Heated viewing area - (2012) :30

Little-known New Brunswick island Grand Manan has become the star of a heart-warming new campaign for the MARS® brand aimed at bringing together local residents. A fishing community one and a half hour’s sail from the mainland, last year the island got what every small Canadian town dreams of – its own ice hockey rink. And this winter the makers of MARS® partnered with Hockey Canada to lend a helping hand by adding in a heated mezzanine, keeping out the cold for spectators cheering on their players who could now have the chance to become the future Sidney Crosbys of the game.


Old Navy - Corporado Menswear - (2012) - 0:30 (USA)

Old Navy - Corporado Menswear - (2012) - 0:30 (USA)

Old Navy gives Dockers and Haggar each a big kick in the relaxed-fit ass.

Ran during the kickoff show.