Obama wants to promote "creating jobs" via unpaid jobs poster.

The height of irony recently has got to be the news that Obama solicits designers to work - unpaid - on ... jobs poster!. $60 million cash on hand in campaign funding and not a penny goes toward this poster. Obama, after all, is the guy who raised more campaign money than any candidate in history, but apparently he doesn't like to use it.


Ad Chat - Koert Bakker

Welcome to a new week and another ad chat. This week we tapped Koert Bakker, the Director of Strategy at Victors & Spoils, though he originally hails from Amsterdam. He blogs quite a bit about planning, strategy and advertising at koertbakker.com and you can stalk him on twitter at @koertbakker.

What’s your favorite funny story about yourself?
At my first job as a junior planner at BBDO I wore a suit for the first three weeks.

Which piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you the most? How or why?


Tomorrowawards deadline: You've got one week.

Tired of trying to figure out what category your great idea™ fits in? Want to measure yourself against the likes of Sid Lee, BBDO, Campfire NYC and odopod? Want to party like a rock star in Amsterdam when you win? Well then, I have no idea what you're waiting for. Get on it and submit to the Tomorrowawards already. Yes, submit, down on your knees! Lick mah boots! Oh wait, not that kind of submission. Sorry. Got carried away. I'll blame it on how that big black heavy pointy award looks like H.R. Giger's dreams mated with a porcupine. In other words, pretty cool.


Let's talk balls campaign may be breaking the law

The international society of men's health campaign called Let's talk balls has run into trouble in Sweden with leading doctors writing an debate/opinion piece in the leading national newspaper arguing that the campaign both threatens men's health and is illegal.

Their article opens with:

The pharmaceutical company Bayer AB launches under the guise of "International Society of Men's Health" an advertising campaign with a view to bringing Swedish men use testosterone products company.

(I know, advertising that sells something, who would have thunk it, right?)


Apple inc doesn't like Apfelkind's apple logo.

Apple computers have taken issue with a small cafe in Bonn called "apple child" ( Apfelkind ). The U.S. company is bothered by the logo of the café, which shows a red apple with a white silhouette of a child's head. Apple complains that there exists a likelihood of confusion with their own logo. The owner of the café feels that "Apple must be joking".

All thee who speak German can get more from this clip.

Apple gegen Apfelkind by verbraucherinfoTV


The power of copywriting - "I am blind, please help" - twice

This cute little film reminding us of the power of choosing the right words is directed by Seth Gardner of redsnappa.com for Purplefeather.


Cult Shaker competition where you could win a breast enlargement has been deflated

Cult shaker, the brand that likes to use nudes in ads to grab eyeballs, and then doubled them for extra attention has now found a new way to get into the headlines. Still on their 'tone of voice' though, they've held a competition where the prize was: free boob job!


Michael Mayer Voice Artist - Iceberg / Nature - print

Daaang, these are nice. So nice you can hang them on the wall and pretend they're pretentious art prints, but they're showing soundwaves. Just the kind of thing my Ex-CD used to call "too celebral". That's why he's an ex, by the way. This is lovely.


Dear creatives, nick Dear Photograph faster next time.

Hey guys, when I say will be used in ads in 3... 2.... I expect you to get on it fast. It's been three months! Your timing is way off! Do I have to do everything myself? Sheesh. I bet you even took weekends.

Introducing 100 Years of Chevrolet.


Manic Signs Senior VFX Artist, Jason Ortenberg

Manic has signed post-production veteran Jason Ortenberg as Sr. VFX Artist to join the company's renowned creative team. A mainstay in the advertising and feature film spaces, Ortenberg's recent credits include beauty work for Maybelline and L'Oréal, as well as lead VFX artist work for brands like Hershey's, Wendy's, The NFL, Verizon, American Express, and Citibank. His feature film work includes credits on the Star Wars Trilogy special edition and the epic Cremaster 5 directed by Matthew Barney, among others. He has worked as an inferno artist on Sphere and Alien: Resurrection, and as a digital composer on The Proposal, Hey Ram, DragonHeart, Twister, Jumanji, The American President, and The Indian in the Cupboard.