Parents recoil at "syringe" promotion for Hell Pizza

No strangers to courting controversy, as you may recall Hell Pizza did the famous George W Bush posters that stated "Even Hell has standards", these billboards attracted worldwide attention as even Spiegel Online published the news (kindly asking to use our images for their article).

Then when Osama Bin Laden was killed, Hell Pizza ran a timely ad in the Herald with the line "Come in, Osama, we’ve been expecting you".

Now they're giving away free syringes as a prize. Except of course they're not syringes, they're pens and wouldn't hurt anyone unless that whole mightier than the sword thing is to be taken literally. The syringe-pens carry the line: "Hell, creating addicts since 1996". reports that parents were shocked by the realistic blood-filled syringe-pen prize.

Just one of the many ads airing in Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: Ads of 2012 - SPOILER ALERT - UPDATED 1/31


The closer we get to Super Bowl XLVI, the more we find out about the commercials we'll see in the big game that brands paid $3.5 million per 30 second spot. We've updated them yet again. I'm sure we'll give you 1-2 more updates as we lead up to Sunday's game.

NOTE: If you want to be surprised, don't go any farther. And, don't say we didn't warn you.


Anheuser-Busch: Bud Light Platinum One of two :30 spots for Bud Light Platinum ends with #MakeItPlatinum. Expect less frat-boy humor and a “more stylish, serious tone” that promotes “triple-filtered, smooth finish, top-shelf taste.”
Created by: Translation led by Steve Stoute and Jay-Z.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo: One of the two spots will feature a race between the Veloster Turbo and a cheetah, but the cheetah decides the car is too fast and its handler would make for an easier snack. The other spot tells the story of young man is driving with his much older colleague on a business trip as the older guy is telling the young man the secret to success, but has an "attack" before he can get it out, to which the young guy shows off the car's ability to handle low-end torque in forward and reverse to shake the older guy back to normal. Actor Jeff Bridges does the voiceover. (NOTE: A 60-second pre-game spot right before kickoff for the Sonata features real employees at its Montgomery, AL plant in an absurd elaboration of Hyundai's "If at first you don't succeed..." and features the workers singing the theme from "Rocky".)
Created by: Innocean Worldwide Americas


UPDATED! Super Bowl XLVI Commercial 2012 *Spoiler Alert*

Super Bowl of Advertising 2012 - SPOILER ALERT - UPDATED 1/26

UPDATED! 1/26 More goodies have been released. We expect even more to come. Look out for another couple updates of the most complete ad bowl spoiler on the net. Find the latest updated post from 1/29:

Super Bowl XLVI is just around the corner. This year NBC is charging an average of $3.5 million for each 30 second spot. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in addition to a ton of NBC self-promo and most likely considering this is an election year, some political ads.


Hyundai Veloster Turbo and/or Genesis Coupe R-Spec: Spot will use testosterone to “play up the performance side of Hyundai”. Actor Jeff Bridges does the voiceover. The brand will also have a 60-second spot before kickoff.
Created by: Innocean Worldwide Americas

M&Ms: The 30-second spot introduces Ms. Brown, the new character in its line of animated spokescandies. Will Ms. Green and her engage in a cat fight? Who knows. She is described as “Ms. Brown is an intelligent woman with a sharp wit who finally decided to reveal herself after working for decades behind the scenes as “chief chocolate officer.”
Created by: BBDO


Ferris Bueller for the Super Bowl

So far no one knows what it will be for, although there are rumors (via the Hollywood Reporter Priceline is going to reveal a new spokesperson to replace William Shatner as the spokesperson for Priceline after he blowed up in the ad below.


Steel Panthers poster banned for having balls.

The Guardian reports that Steel Panthers posters promoting the "Balls Out" album are banned for being "overtly sexual". The ASA received four complaints about the poster which shows a barely dressed woman caressing herself while holding a pair of silver balls.
The record label Universal Island used the "we're mocking stuff from the 80s" defense and said that the ads were meant to "poke fun at the ridiculousness of the attitude to women, outfits and music in that era".
They also pointed out that the posters are meant to be "ludicrously over the top and not meant to undermine women". Cliff notes: "c'mon, we're only joking".


Why your digital ad is a ‘fart button’.

A rant about digital and the future and that kind of stuff.
Or why your digital ad is a ‘fart button’.

Lately I’m meeting more and more people who ‘know about digital’ and to be honest I think I’ve uncovered a latent tendency to self-harm. Or Tourette’s.

Time was when we (that’s not the royal we btw) could impress people with our digital magic. “And when you click this here, tadaaaaa that thing happens…” Sigh.

Not now.

Advertising has caught up. Clients have caught up. And now they know that if you click ‘this’ then ‘that’ happens. Because any tool can do that. And when I say tool I mean dick. Or Tom or Harry.

Digital is now a staple on the media plans. It’s a channel. And for a lot of agencies that’s it.

There’s a formula now. They do a TV ad. They pull some stills. That’s the Digital Display ads done. Yay! And now we’ll put the ad on You Tube.

Stabs leg. FUCK!


H&M does an Urban Outfitters - grovels on twitter after caught infringing designers copyright

Looks like H&M got caught with their hand in the cookie-jar, selling items that seem a tad too inspired by another graphic artists work. Doing an Urban Outfitters if you will, when their necklace-copy-cat was found it became a trending topic, even if one wasn't sure of who did it first...


Borrowing Star Wars interest for Super Bowl - this is the dark side.

A quick check with @adland's twitter pals, it turns out that I wasn't the only one disappointed when I saw the star wars bark "teaser" for VW's upcoming super bowl ad.


From the land of football, we watch your "Football" for the commercials, Super Bowl XLVI

It's that time of year when Americans go bat shit crazy for yet another round of 'Football'. Of course I'm referring to the Super Bowl XLVI.

Across the pond from where all the fun is taking place, is little old UK where, sure, there are some NFL fanatics over here, but the sport as a whole doesn't really make that much of an impact, aside from calling it 'Football' when it's clearly a more hand orientated sport. What does make an impact, however, is the commercials.


K-Fed has suspected heart attack while taping 'Excess Baggage', spells un-good PR for fast weightloss

K-fed, also known as well-fed and Britney Spears ex-husband Kevin Federline is recording Excess Baggage, a celebrity weight loss series, in Australia. Yes TV has gotten that bad, aren't you glad you set fire to your set years ago? Back in December he was taken to hospital with signs of heat stress, and yesterday he was rushed to the hospital with chest pains that some feared was a heart attack.