Friday bits: AT AT pancakes and Jägermeister's new AoR is Mistress

Jim, king of pancakes at jimspancakes, has stumbled onto a genius way of marketing pancakes to webheads. He made an AT-AT from pancakes and I predict that this image will never stop being retweeted.

Jägermeister appoints Mistress of Venice Beach, CA as Jägermeister’s agency of record in the United States. "The appointment of Mistress is a milestone decision for our United States business as we continue to build Jägermeister to the next level in America, the largest market in the world," says Michael Volke, Member, Executive Board, Mast-Jägermeister SE. "We look forward to collaborating on a complete 360° integrated advertising campaign, which will be unveiled in 2012."


JibJab files suit against Toyota for using dead presidents

JibJab sues Toyota for using dead presidents. That's what I understand from reading the suit found at Courthousenews.


McDonald's "Distraction" 2011 :15 USA

McDonald's "Distraction" 2011 :15 USA

The Colonie’s Tom Pastorelle has edited four spots for McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Chicago, promoting McDonald’s latest Happy Meal food choices and toy products. The spots were produced by Creative Film Management with Director Thor Freudenthal and Producer Kelly Amato.


THEY challenges you: a brief should be brief can you answer it in 140 chars?

Amsterdam ad agency THEY are seeking interns who understands that a brief should... you know... be brief - and the best ideas can be briefly explained as well. So they set up a twitter-challenge, @TweetaBrief where they've tweeted out 140 char briefs and creatives can respond either with tweets or DM's.

The winning intern gets 6 months paid internship at THEY Amsterdam, and better still: "the winning intern will live in this neighborhood Plantage Muidergracht". OOoh, fancy. I hope they don't mean in the dodgy half-sunken boat on the left there.

There's only 24 hours left on this, answer one of these briefs for a chance to win!


Oops, @markdavidson's drunk, fired tweet ghostwriter went for broke on @markdavidson's account last night.

Mark Davidson the Social Marketing & Communications Strategist who reckons "Google+ is a verbatim copy of FriendFeed." seems to have fired the wrong twitter ghost writer last night. I say "seems to" as this is unconfirmed, but if you check his twitter feed he was either having us all on, or something went down.


The Hoff will hunt you down in Oslo

Oslo city have launched a game at , starring none other than The Hoff himself. "No one hides from the Hoff". Head to the website, put a picture of yourself in it and see if the Hoff can find you.

Here's a film teasing how Hoff will track you down.


RAC Roadside Assistance - Vulture Billboard

On an isolated stretch of the Bunbury highway going to the south coast, this billboard reminds you that having Roadside Assistance in case the car breaks down is a good idea™.


Cox Communications - What If (Director's Cut) - 2011 :30 USA

Cox Communications - What If (Director's Cut) - 2011 :30 USA

You can pretty much do anything these days with a smart phone and an email address, but did you know you can look inside your house while on the go and even dim the lights and set the alarm remotely?


Giant chalkboard billboard in NYC has mystery equation begging to be solved... can you do it?

"Every significant event in the course of human history can be tied to a number…. ".. 'cuz we use this thing called dates, see, but that's neither here nor there and probably not the point Dow wants to make with their little poetical math-mystery. The tumblr-site Giantchalkboard shows the progress of the equation which is being unveiled bit by bit on the corner of Broome and Crosby in SoHo. Here's a closeup of the start of the equation. People are invited to guess through twitter - @giantchalkboard - and the website about where this long equation is going.

"On the 5th day the answer will be revealed. This mathematical poem is the teaser to a new campaign from Dow."

via Draftfcb Chicago.

@ADoholick just reminded me about the Google ads of yesteryear, which I badlanded in Two hard nuts to crack, or three as there were so many "puzzle campaigns" back then speaking directly to geeks that Texturl wrote a post asking is it time to pwn l33t ads?

If Dow's Giant Chalk billboard is done to attract skilled thinkers for a job at Dow remains to be seen. If it is, it will have a one-way ticket to Badland.


Where are all the black ad men in Mad Men?

Left to right: Vince Cullers Advertising self-promo ad, the Afro Sheen 'Wantu Wazuri' campaign and a promo-poster for Putney Swope

Season five of AMC's Mad Men is soon here and fans are eagerly awaiting it, while others are still asking the question: Where are all the black mad men? The Root shines a spotlight on a few of the African American pioneers in advertising, pointing out Vincent Cullers, Georg Olden and Tom Burrell, and say: