Santorum acronym fail: Just launched "CUM"

Poor Rick Santorum, first he's hounded so long on the internet by Dan Savage that his name has become synonymous with a dirty sex acts side-effects when you google it.. And now he's launched Conservatives Unite Moneybomb.. ie: CUM

Clearly, nobody who works for him ever thought of what the acronym spelled. Or did they and are just after the side-effect of extra eyeballs looking at the page garnered when the entire internet passes a link around and laughs? They might actually have learned something from Dan Savages campaign. Please tell me this is the case, I refuse to believe people are this stupid.


Samsung goes after apple-fanboys in their super bowl commercials campaign

Samsung have been trying so hard for so long to let people know that they too have a smartphone. It's got a huge screen and all sorts of apps and I still don't care. In this ad, which is according to, ready to air on the superbowl (I am not convinced as nobody told me yet), they discreetly mock Apple-fanboys who queue up for the latest gadget and watch unboxing videos because they are....... Lemmings. Yeah like the IBM lemmings back in 1985 that Apple mocked with a whistling ad everyone hated.

My personal favorite? "I don't like your roommate very much". My god, you're mid-thirties and you can't afford your own home, but you can buy all sorts of expensive tech-gear, and you'll even camp in a line for it, and nobody seems to find this super-wrong in any way. In fact it's so ingrained in the culture right now, it's in ads. That's kinda sad, people. Sadder than your lust for Apple-gear and Samsung's want to be on top.


Why America is fucked (graphically, that is)

Aaron Draplin has a bit of a problem, he loves design a little too much, like so many talented designers out there. He loves it so hard he'll drunk-buy old motel signs and cry a little at their destruction. Hand on your heart, all designers, art directors, typographers, illustrators and yes, even copywriters out there. Haven't we all collected retro ketchup wrappers, flea market postcards, old key-chains, random empty boxes (yes that's mine) and thingie-mah-bobs just because they are a little piece of design pretty? I feel for Aaron Draplin, I really do, and I too weep a little at the destruction of our design history. I might even swear as much and use Futura in the titles. Check for more.


HIV Foundation/AIDS Council Finland - Places - Woman, Man and butt - (2012)

Beware of the many people who have checked in before you. That's the thought McCann Helsinki shows with these images, where a woman's va-jay-jay, a mans trouser snake and even a mans ass are "place" where you can "check in". Lets face it, you know you're not the first.


Barbarian Group celebrates ten years in business - with a site full of injokes (and some work).

Barbarian Group celebrates ten years of shaking things up -- and those leg garters are still quite nice -- by showing off on a subsite aptly placed at On the site you'll find genius weirdness like when Jenna the Intern decided to invite the entire company into a massive iChat. The reason for "Oh hey Tobu. Yo baby ugly." company meme, the history of their 404 pages, why they call the Irish Car Bomb cocktail The Car Baum and more. It might not be a "how is babby formed", but it's still funny. Oh, and in between the digital hijinks is some digital work. They do actually work sometimes too, you know.


Star Wars Bark - dogs get ready for Superbowl XLVI

Superbowl XLVI is soon upon us and Volkswagen are already barking up their own hype by getting a canine chorus to howl-bark the Imperial March theme. They promise this will all make sense come game day, meanwhile the intergalactic invite site will ensure you don't miss anything if you are inclined to sign up. Former Star Wars fans are all rotating in their mother's basement right now, whimpering about the horrors of prequels "... and little dogs too!" as we speak.


How to sell a book in this day&age: make a swearing youtube video

Simon Spurrier is just a tad ticked off that his novel released last year, "A Serpent Uncoiled", has barely moved despite raving reviews. So now that it's also out in paperback and Kindle edition he has decided to give it a proper viral sendoff with a video containing more made-up swear-words than anything else on the intarwebs today. Well played, you mono-buttocked buggernaut.


PPC Cement - Brick - print, South Africa

You can do (almost) anything with cement, and to bring this point home, the Jupiter Drawing room made a cement Lego block to remind you that your imagination is the limit.


Google's left hand doesn't know what the right one does.

As you may have heard Google mistook some lingerie ads on adland for "adult content" and shut down our ad serving quite abruptly. This was very similar to last years Google freakout over the Sloggi ads I was ranting against.

Like I said then, it makes no sense if Google holds publishers to a higher standard than advertisers, and this is exactly what I told Google when I appealed. Now I have this reply:


Ad Chat - Fernanda Romano

In todays Ad Chat we get to pick the brains of Fernanda Romano, the self-described geek and all-round creative who has been Creative Director at JWT, Global Creative Director Digital and Experiential at Euro RSCG, and even spotted in Madrid as Global Creative Director at Lola Lowe. Starting her ad career in Brazil she's been bouncing around the world ever since, and she did us the solid of replying to questions while on a flight somewhere above a large body of water. Dedication. She has it. You can track her down by following her twitter at @fefaromano

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?

When I got into university, as it's customary in Brasil, I had to go asking for money in the streets to buy the senior students booze (yes, we do that).