An update on the Adland donation drive - and a massive thank you to all of you.

We've raised $1,287.15 for the $2,658.50 so far, but that's not even the best news here. The best news is that so many of you care enough to retweet and donate and post blog posts and tell your friends. I honestly wasn't expecting this much love, and I am humbled by it.

@Adfreak asked everyone to please help save us, @agencyspy put a link in their tuesday morning stir to longtime adgrunt Purplesimon's appeal post. I didn't ask @purplesime to do that, and I didn't ask @imperica to post this appeal post either. I'm grateful they both did. Turns out that Imperica have a good grasp of how much I do here (read: everything), and some readers revealed they had no idea. Thus came the tweets showing me building hardware (acme, apex and acme again) which was quite fun for a bit. At least for me. :)

Even the End days of advertising joined in making a special sarcastic toon just for adland. Sweet.

And to top it all off, my ex-ex hosting place Memset contacted me over twitter to see if they can help. They must have forgiven me for almost taking down their network a few superbowls ago.

And today, Amazon in Ireland phoned us up, they've not just extended the deadline, they're going to help figure out how to make a better setup that won't cost a fortune each month.


The "Save Adland" long copy poster (large view) #saveadland

I'm not listing this under spec work because I approve of this execution. However there' s no actual paid for media that this ran in. @Adzlamb saw our server fee troubles, and put this together to help out.


Have you been naughty or nice? Your Santaclout score can tell you which list you are on.

Sometime last week, @Santaclout appeared and started tweeting directly to anyone and everyone who works in advertising. Soon after, I went on a "no fuck given" meme run - and as you can see, my Santaclout score is probably the naughtiest ever. (see recent twitter images or my FB page).

Yeay! I win at being the worst! Santa knows I'm naughty, which means he'll pay me a visit - you know santa is so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live, right?


Ad Chat - Dave Trott

Dave Trott is the Creative Director of CSTTG, which is but one of the London ad agencies that he has left his initial on. He blogs frequently at , tweets at davetrott , just published the book called creative mischief and actually laughed at my little doodle-portrait of him seen in this comment thread. In short, he's a sport.

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?


25 minutes left to sign up for Adland Secret Santa. Do eeeet.

adlandsanta has had Beth from DDB UK Ltd, Sammy from Tribal DDB , Alexandra from Agency Republic, Darren from Tribal DDB, Danny from DDB UK Ltd and a whole bunch more folks download the app and sign up for the santa giving fun. Your turn now. Do it.


PA Liquor Control Board anti drinking ad pulled after feminists say it's blaming rape on the victims

This ad, above, is the self-banned ad of the week from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board campaign - see the rest on facebook - that shows the dark side of what happens when you drink too much. You might end up in fights, hanging out with the "porcelain prince" all evening, have condoms break on you, cheat on your boyfriend or... get raped. From the image showing a women lying on what may be a bathroom floor the viewer will probably conclude that when you're unconscious and can't actually say no, rape is your fault. The copy on the campaign website even went so far to blame the victims friends. Now it's everyones fault. Except the rapists, of course.


Pacific Standard Time Art in L.A. - Ice Cube celebrates the Eames House

Did you know that Ice Cube once studied architectural drafting? That he thinks the L.A. highways have different kinds of traffic, including "gangsta traffic"?


Pacific Standard Time - Ice Cube celebrates the Eames - (2011) 2:15 (USA)

Pacific Standard Time - Ice Cube celebrates the Eames - (2011) 2:15 (USA)

Ice Cube drives Inglewood blvd. describing the Los Angeles that he knows. He talks of landmarks like The Forum, Five Torches, Cockatoo Inn, Brolly Hut, and Watts Towers. He refers to the 110 as "Gangsta Highway".


Nando's axes Robert Mugabe 'dictator' ad - mocking Mugabe caused threats to staff

Nando's are no strangers to joking with everyone and everything in their ad campaigns, but there's one thing they take seriously: threats to their own staff. A youth group loyal to Mr Mugabe has threatened Nado's staff after the Last Dictator standing aired, and Nando's has decided to pull the ad from airing reports BBC.

A statement from Nando's said: "We've noted with concern the political reaction emanating out of Zimbabwe, including perceived threats against Nando's Zimbabwe's management, staff and customers."


Everyone gets a meme

No sooner had the Jr Art Director meme made the rounds through the worlds ad agencies, when the Creative Director meme fired up. Seems everyone that isn't at #Eurobest or tied down currently working on an Easter Sale of peeps brief is wasting billable hours smirking and making sarcastic lines for these memes.