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Greenpeace - White Roofs / White is the new green - (South Africa)

Greenpeace are reaching out to South African citizens with some advice about global warming:

White is the new green
Simply painting your roof white reflects the sun’s rays, which helps cool down the environment. in the fight against global warming, one degree cooler in our cities equates to three degrees cooler at the poles. Which means a better chance of survival for animals like the Arctic Fox, whose home is melting at a rapid rate.


Awesomerags fashion store uses "sex sells" mantra, makes predictable positions ad

Le yawn. Feels like we've seen this exact layout before, but I guess I should alert you to the "edgy" ad from Awesomerags which depicts their fashion models in various sexual postions. Fully clothed of course. Like previous ads before it, the layout homages an old kama sutra poster.


USA Discounters: The things we stand for / Twin Towers declaration of Independence text ad

It's been ten years, time to yank out the 9/11 symbolism in advertising. The WTC Twin Towers here in this ad are created by the text from the declaration of independence. The body copy with the ad reads:

The things we stand for still stand.
While we mournfully observe the tenth anniversary of September 11, we give thanks for our military and rescue workers who heroically uphold our freedom.


Careful now: Using Facebook login means Facebook can lock your users out at any time.

SVT reports about yet another case of someone who got their facebook account deleted without warning. This time it's Roman Pixell. His "crime"? Like any other parent he snaps pictures of the offspring when they are in the cutest state... ie: sleeping. He posted the above image of his then 5 year old daughter fast asleep on a trendy 'nail mat', and she's not wearing a shirt in the photograph, heaven forbid!


Australian Surfer Sunblock - Localism / Duff / Punked - print, Australia

The beaches of Australia are apparently as dangerous as the rest of the country which is full of scary stuff. Australia's wildlife includes seventeen of the world's most deadly snakes, killer spiders, poisonous jellyfish and fast-running saltwater crocodiles who lay in wait for you if you take the same path twice. If any of that doesn't get you, the sun will try and kill you too.


VISA - Crayfish Bus (attack) - Wellington On a Plate: Welly On a Plate

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Giant crayfish are clawing out of the earth from mile-deep catacombs and attacking our cities! This is revenge for that time when I poured wormwood-heavy absinth in the boiling water at our crayfish party isn't it? I thought the hallucinations would be cool not terrifying! Hold me, I'm scared!


Bulmers Cider - Tonya Harding, Titanic, Walt Disney & the Ice Age - print

Bulmers dust off Tanya Harding & Titanic jokes, defrost Walt Disney and quip that Dinosaurs might have stuck around the Ice Age if their beer existed back then. Ho-kay. I'm kinda thirsty after these dry jokes now. I keed. ;)


Lacoste asks Norwegian police to make Anders Behring Breivik wear some other brand.

the Telegraph noted back in July that Anders Behring Breivik is a bit of a fashion fundamentalist.

Having been refused permission to wear a combat uniform, he has demanded to wear a red Lacoste sweater for his public outings to court or to the police station. He will not wear anything else.


Mad Men posters from Radio have us antsy for season 5

Radio did these just for the heck of it, and they're nice. Reminds us how much we miss Peggy, Don, Joan and Roger. We need our Mad Men fix, and we need it now.