RBC sponsors TIFF - as not everyone has an uncle in the business.

The latest from BBDO Toronto is this campaign for For RBC’s sponsorship of TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). In the three spots, 2Helicopter", "Boom", and "Screening", Untitled Films director Mark Gilbert helps paint the picture of how handy having an "uncle in the biz" can be for young filmmakers. Unfortunately, not everyone has such an uncle.


RBC/TIFF - "Screening" - (2011) :30 (Canada)

RBC/TIFF - "Screening" - (2011) :30 (Canada)

For RBC’s sponsorship of TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Untitled Films director Mark Gilbert helps paint the picture of how handy having an 'Uncle in the Biz' can be for young filmmakers. Unfortunately, not everyone has such an uncle.


Lets play London Advertising Monopoly!

Admonopoly (also seen on twitter as @admonopoly ) have made a board that is full of injokes, and by the looks of it, totally playable. I love the cards on top:

Awards ceremony
You lose to a youtube-ripoff. Give £20 to each player


Student Book Crit
Steal brilliant strategy from student team. Pick up an award card.

I sense a bit of bitterness here....... ;)

Check out what's tweeted to @admonopoly - there are some gems like:


Dave Trott's mischievous seeding of Creative Mischief

Image of Creative Mischief

Those who follow @Davetrott on twitter can't help but notice that he retweets anyone who speaks of his new book: Creative Mischief. It might be borderline spammy but it's often funny. People take friendly jabs at Dave, @ASheldrick (Andrew Sheldrick) just tweeted "@davetrott Like the bloody opera singer and eastern European mongooses, your incessant Creative Mischief plugs have worked. Well played sir."

Want to have a peek inside the book to see if you should pick it up? Adland is here to serve!

Ad Books: 

AdLook: Lets judge women in advertising on how hot they look - not how hot their work is.

Only in the Ukraine could we have an award like Adlook, where the 'muses' in advertising aren't judged by the hotness of their work, but by how hot they look in heels and a push-up bra. Unlike in the miss Universe competition, here silicone is A-OK!
Seriously, they say this in their opening paragraph.

Adlook – is the first rating, where ad agencies take their places not for their works, but for beautiful looks of their female co-workers. So the rating of your agency depends on you, girls. Clients and their budgets have no importance here. There’s no place for fakes here (though adlook team thinks that silicone is ok).


Ad Chat - Gideon Amichay

Gideon and fan Liat in Cannes this summer

This week we put Gideon Amichay, Creative Chairman of Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R Tel Aviv in our spotlight. You can find his blog at gideonamichay.com, and if you're lucky you'll pass him on the Croisette in Cannes as he cruises along eating ice-cream and he'll high-five you as you walk past each other (I am that kind of lucky, that was funny Gideon).

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?
My first career was as a cartoonist.

What piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you most? How or why?
The Fountainhead, the book and the movie. The book is about believing in your way and follow it till the end.


Björn loves John, plays vertical tennis live on billboard. Adidas & TBWA Japan did vertical football 2004.

It was a lovely sunny day this Saturday, and on the outside wall of the famous department store NK in Stockholm, Björn Borg met John McEnroe for a game of vertical tennis.

Except they were stuntmen, of course. "We couldn't convince the original players to do a re-match on the wall" said Pernilla Johansson, global PR-&-Event at Björn Borg, to Resume.se.


Heise creates "two-click" Facebook like button to avoid traffic tracking. Facebook peeved.

Zdnet reports that German website Heise has created a two-click facebook "like" button. You have to 'slide' the button on before you can click it to like on Facebook, only then will all the facebook tracking scripts be loaded into the page.

In short: if you don’t click anything, Facebook can’t track your visit to Heise.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook didn’t like this change. A spokesperson told the German publication that the way it has implemented the Facebook Like button violates the Facebook Platform Policies, specifically quoting this clause: