Peugeot uses naked, cheating man to sell the 208

BETC has created an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style video titled "Let Your Body Drive". Follow a cheating guy trying to escape and "let his body drive" in true French fashion.

See it at


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Banquet / just the right amount of wrong

This might look a bit like the last supper, and has many details like the hand on the skull to the left that seemingly belongs to nobody depicted, but what we're supposed to see is the environmentally sustainable bamboo swizzle stick. Because the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas is just the right amount of wrong. I'm confused as to whether the swizzle stick is right or wrong, too busy trying to find an owner of that hand. This is going to bug me for the rest of the evening I just know it. Oh wait, I bet it's "thing" who just joined the party, Morticia is in the ladies room. Yep, that explains it.


Gonjasufi - The Blame - Desert and deserted Los Angeles

Gonjasufi - The Blame - Desert and deserted Los Angeles

Director Neil Krug creates a desert in Downtown Los Angeles for Gonjasufi

The video for “The Blame”, a soothing yet melancholy track, features Gonjasufi wandering in solitude amidst a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. In conceptualizing the video, Krug recognized the song’s dark undertones and chose to enhance it with desolate imagery to bring it to life.

Having always had a fascination with the 1970s films The Omega Man and Soylent Green, Krug went back to these films for reference to prior to filming and selected quintessential Los Angeles locations that would be easily recognizable. A major challenge in the production of the video was creating the illusion of a deserted city within a congested urban metropolis.


Americans for Grammar - Biatch / Fuk the sistem

Poor grammar. We see it every day. In facebook posts, in emails, in memos... and graffiti tags on the street. Created by Y&R Chicago these print ads drive to a blog where people can post their own found mis-tags, as well as donate money to an urban language and grammar school.

and you know I only posted it because I thought "Biatch" was great. :P


Link Lust: Pinterest & money, Confessions of an ad creative

The Atlantic have an article Why pinterest is playing dumb about making money where Alexis Madrigal crunches numbers for us.

Digiday: "confessions of an ad creative", is also worth a read. Nice one @bmorrissey


Hyper Island team sell their brains on Ebay

Hurry! Going fast! The Hyper island group collective that calls themselves "Cousteau Collective" are selling their brainpower on Ebay. The small print explains that you'll get 48 hours of brainstorming from ten people, if you send your brief no later than 10am Stockholm time on Monday, February 27th.


Fotolia - The Bold type only leading european stock campaign

I love the sarcasm here. I love that the long-running sentences manages to pack in both American and European stereotypes with tongue firmly planted in cheek, while name-dropping drool-worthy designer items carefully painting a picture in your mind that corresponds to what's described. I love that the response to a photo-agency brief is a campaign without photos.


TUI Valentines Day - Roses print ad.

Sometimes finding the right Valentines gift is a little tricky, and sometimes you forget to get anything ... No worries, Tui and Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland to the rescue. All you have to do is roll up the ad and presto, perfect gift. Well, at least it looks like there's a bunch of roses in your hands, but only if you got her drunk on TUI I s'pose.


Kirin Mini Beer - BeerBro-quet - A Valentine's bouqet of beer.

Marcus from Y&R emailed me the perfect Valentine's bouquet, one filled with Kirin Mini Beer - the only thing ruining this for me is that he only sent me pictures. What the hell Marcus, I would love a beer-boquet, why torture me like this? That's it, we are so through, Mistah. If you need me, I'll be roaming romantic restaurants sticking false engament rings in all the ladies drinks tonight. Just sharing the love, sharing the love.

It's the perfect gift for the man (or men) in your life—husband, boyfriend, lover or a random handsome stranger—this Valentine's Day.


Winner of the twitter super bowl scrimmage: Samsung

The winner of the first ever Twitter Scrimmage is the Samsung 2012 super bowl commercial "A thing called love", it brought in 13.4% votes, beating Marvel Avengers 12.4%. Studly Beckham in his skivvies got 9.1% of the votes, while the stark naked M&M only got 8.6%. Hot on their trail was the Kia ad with 7.9% of the votes.

So congrats to L.A. Agency 72andsunny, you've not only resurrected "The Darkness" career, re-introduced the stylus that Apple fanboi's hated already back in the days of Newton, and relaunched the most annoying song of 2003, you just won the first twitter scrimmage too! You're invincible!