Lighting Plus turns public egg-art into ads, are accused of vandalism

Art 'vandalised' by adverts down in Auckland, check out the many photos of the Newmarket art installation on Osbourne St which has changed from eggs to lightbulbs. Neither the Arts Trust, which owns the fibreglass sculptures, or the artist were notified about the proposed alterations, and they're not happy about it.

Emma Fox from Newmarket Arts Trust says the damage from the advertising "beggars belief".
"This is not just something you can fix in situ - they will have to be recoated. And I don't know what damage the screw tops have done but it doesn't look good," she says.
"No artist wants their artwork to be used in that flippant way. It's defacement."


Dear marketers, girls just wanna have fun, not pink.

The oldest advertising trick in the book to attract the straight male buyer is to drape a half-naked lady across the product. The second oldest is to color something pink, when your advertising target is a woman.


Cannes Lions 2012 reverts back to original date: 17 to 23 June 2012

Change of plans folks! My Birthday will not be held in Cannes next year (crowd roars with DISAPPOINT!), as it has just been announced the Lions festival is moving back to it's original date. Quick, get on the horn and re-schedule that team of former rugby-players now turned exotic dancers to come and party with me at my house instead. What do you mean you didn't book them in the first place? Son, I am disappoint.

We have just been informed by the city of Cannes that for various internal and external reasons the proposed improvement works to the Palais des Festivals have now been postponed.
Therefore, to avoid a crossover with the end of the Cannes Film Festival, we are reverting to our usual dates in the third week of June – 17-23 June 2012.


Odds & Ends: JoeLaPompe does interview, @Irene gives up her twitter, Lars og Helle no longer discussing politics

It's hilarious when you interview the badlanding Ninja behind He won't show his face. We did our little chat with him while in Cannes 2009. In this fresh (French) JoeLaPompe interview from Paris Joe is wearing a full balaclava. Way to keep up the Ninja-tude, dude.


Web 3.0 is collecting you.

Is web 3.0 the gathering of data? Marcus Michaels writes "Klout: Passing Trend or Web 3.0?"

The way I see it is that Klout confidently fits into the category of Web 3.0 as a solid vision base of future technologies. If you’re going to embrace it, do so with an open mind. If not, know it’s there, and it’s watching you with more judgement than HAL 9000.

I don't know about you, while the 'gamification' of using Klout-score brag rights to gain perks such as crap Spotify invites, it's also rather easy to game Klout itself. For a while there I was very influential about unicorns, a running joke that never got old. But as Klout tweaks and adds other networks, it matures and instead of looking like some random numbers pulled out of a hat, it looks like it's starting to know what it is actually measuring.

My hobby is to try and get Adland's Klout Score higher than Dabitch's, and vice versa when the situation is reversed. I'm easily amused.

If web 3.0 is the collecting of social network data into a hub, making a fingerprint of you all over the web, how comfortable are you with that idea? Despite Google understanding nyms in their post "freedom to be who you want", they insist and I quote from here, you use your legal name - which may or may not be the name you are known as:

He replied by saying that G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information

Fluid Salon - Look good no matter how often he beats you up. What?

The running line in this campaign from Fluid Salon is "Look good no matter what you do" and as Copyranter pointed out "...she's about to get a shiny diamond necklace to match her shiner, so all's well that ends well? Edgy."


jumP Takes a Big Leap with Portal Film

Hopeless. That's how the prisoner at the center of Portal: No Escape, a short film cut by jumP's David Trachtenberg, directed by Danny T, feels. Under constant video surveillance, she bounces around her cell, exercises, sits dolefully on her cot, picks at the food tossed through a trap door at regular intervals - whatever she must to bear her circumscribed existence.

But the film, based upon Valve Corporation and EA's hit videogame franchise, blows up into a full-scale action flick when the prisoner discovers a cannon hidden in the wall - a high-powered device capable of creating portals to abet her escape. As guards burst in to stop her, she outwits them continually in a thrilling chase to the rooftop, where she stands poised to flee the place forever.


Heineken - This is the Game / Rugby world cup 2011

Heineken - This is the Game / Rugby world cup 2011

Oooh. Three of my favorite things in one ad, men in kilts, rugby, and men built like redwood trees wearing tiny shorts slamming into each other on the field. Oh right, that's rugby.


Sony Handicam - Family Vacation - (2011)

Sony Handicam - Family Vacation - (2011)

"Family Vacation" was shot on location in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, India.