Just in time for the 350 tree arrival - Pantone X-mas balls.

Well, my tree isn't 350 green nor the real deal that smells like forest, it's actually gold and plastic but a set of pantone christmas balls will look superb in that anyway.


The roast of Rick Boyko at the Friars Club during Advertising week 2011

At the Friars club where they've have parlayed one hundred years of antics into a legendary reputation, and all the walls seems to have hidden doors leading to Narnia, Rick Boyko was getting ready to be properly skewered by drinking large glasses of red wine and laughing at the bobble-heads made in his liking. "It doesn't even look like me!" he complained, making the same exact face as the skinny little bobble-head.


Mercedes-Benz - Unchained - (2011) :30 (US)

Mercedes-Benz - Unchained - (2011) :30 (US)

MPC's knack for making the impossible look easy is on full display once again, this time in a pair of Mercedes-Benz spots via Merkley + Partners and Smuggler Director Adam Berg. The MPC team put together an impressive array of motion control, CG and other effects for the new campaign.

Unchained features a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG four-door set in a nighttime desert, clusters of chains strung from the car's rear doors to nearby boulders. As the vehicle accelerates from a stop, the chains clang behind before drawing tight and yanking the rear doors off in a violent, slow-motion explosion of glass and steel. When the C63 spins to a halt, it has been transformed into a sleek two-door - the 2012 C-Coupe.


Specsavers - Sauna / Gordon Ramsay - (2011) :40 (USA)

Specsavers - Sauna / Gordon Ramsay  - (2011) :40 (USA)

The unexpected twist here is not that the man, blind as a bat without his glasses, wanders into the kitchen instead of the sauna he was looking for. The unexpected twist is that Gordon Ramsey is in it, and he doesn't go on a yelling rant. A knife in the sausage?


Doubt , excuses and magic writer fairy dust.

Ty Hutchinson who managed to both be a copywriter by day and author of Chop Suey (A Darby Stansfield Thriller) by night, goes on a bit of a rant against those people who want so much, but have excuses for everything. It's pretty funny.

This person then said she hoped to write a book one day too.
I hate when people say this.


Blind Takes Sloth to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to five percent of the world's biodiversity, two oceans, friendly locals, and… talking sloths? Yes, at least one talking sloth, a character production company Blind brings to life in three new videos that promote Costa Rica's Million Dollar Gift of Happiness campaign.


Elias Arts' Kramer Gets a Boost

Elias Arts music supervisor and music-industry veteran Jason Kramer has been promoted to a new time slot at Los Angeles public radio station KCRW, moving to Saturday evenings from 10 to midnight PT on 89.9 FM and KCRW.com.

In his weekly show, Kramer will continue his tradition of introducing new artists alongside a string of established musicians.

"I like all styles of music and KCRW gives me the freedom to play whatever I want, which is something I treasure. The creative element is not just selecting individual songs but putting together an entire show. My goal is that when people are listening, they don't want to get out of the car."


Projection mapping on the Manhattan Bridge netted Best Exhibition at The DUMBO Arts festival

Resident Creative Studio designer Sina Taherkhani bridged the gap between reality and fantasy, helming a team of animators and VFX artists charged with creating, "As Above, So Below" one of a three-part immense-scale projection/mapping installation entitled, "Immersive Surfaces."

The high-resolution content transformed the Manhattan Bridge into a transparent portal to a surreal world where larger than life people float in zero gravity. "Immersive Surfaces," which kicked off The DUMBO Arts Festival this past Friday and attracted crowds in lower Manhattan again on Saturday and Sunday evenings, netted "Best Exhibition" honors at the festival.

It's pretty cool, lets watch:


Orangina - L'Ours Orangina vs La Bimbo - SERIAL PLAQUEUR - (2011) :30 (France)

Orangina - L'Ours Orangina vs La Bimbo - SERIAL PLAQUEUR - (2011) :30 (France)

The creative posse Fred & Farid are turning up the weird on Orangina again. Hit up Facebooks french Orangina page and you too can play along. In this clip, the serial plaquer tackles a bimbo walking down the street.