How would Don Draper sell the Facebook Timeline? Like a carousel.

Since it's Don Draper we're talking about here the answer is: really well!
I like the touch where you see an image of Don Draper with Don Draper in the Korean war. Cute.


St Matthew in the City - Pray like it's 1987

WhybinTBWATequila, Auckland made this 'Turin Shroud' style poster to fan the flames of the Rugby world cup fever in New Zealand, for St Matthew in the City, a conveniently located progressive Anglican church nearby all the sports bars in the city......


Japanese trains now come equipped with light sabers

Japan trends show off this light-saber campaign that promotes the release of Star Wars "The Complete Saga" Blu-ray DVD boxset currently running in Japan.

It is the first time that the hand rails have been used in an advertising campaign in Japan, and is a fantastic use of promotional real estate. The effect is very well thought out and was generating a bit of chatter on the train amongst those riding.


Facebook & Zuckerberg is King, even if I didn't vote for him.

The Guardian spells out doom. Zuckerberg is King, even if I didn't vote for him. In "Why Facebook's new Open Graph makes us all part of the web underclass" Adrian Short even pulls out the old 'if you're not paying for it, you are the product', a cliché I am also guilty of using when hating on Facebook. He dubs the phenomena of 'if you're not on Facebook you're not on the web' to antisocial networking.


Models in window, New York - one can practically hear them shout "Egoiste!"

The image that inspired Jean-Paul Goude to create the famous Égoïste ad? Perhaps, perhaps not, and we'll never know. Either way, you must admit the photo Models in Window, New York, 1960 spotted in an old Vogue magazine is fan-ta-stic!


"If you don't hire us.. we'll... we'll... get gay married!"

Most creative teams in advertising know that a perfect working partnership is very much like a great marriage. Finding that partner who "gets you" can be just as difficult as finding your soul mate... You need to have the same ambitions, the same work ethics, the same goals, the willingness to move (or not move) and so many others things need to 'click' for it to work. There's no for creatives yet, so when teams find each other, they go pretty far in trying to stick together.

They might even get married. Meet Charli Hoffmann and Alex Otis. Two students from the Miami Ad School in Brooklyn that are "planning to take their work relationship to the next level". To top it all off, they're straight.


Later, Spam! Report spam on twitter, get points in budding game-app

How clever. Andre Torrez has just launched "Later, Spam!" which makes reporting twitter-spam a bit more fun, or like game. Say you suddenly have an @-feed full of mentions from Britney Spear lookalikes... Simply log in to with your twitter account and you can see if twitter has confirmed it as spam, and if you already reported it as spam. "What's so game-like about that" you say, unimpressed. Ah, that's the fun part. You'll get points. See it all started when Torrez tweeted this idea that "If I had the time, I'd make an app where you can report twitter spammers and get a point when they're deactivated.


OH about the TBWA\Chiat\Day "Iconic" pledge

Overheard about the TBWA\Chiat\Day"Iconic ad pledge" seen at agencyspy, copyranter and in a longer nincompoop post at LaLi.

....I thought I already signed one of these when I agreed to come work here...?

*golf-applause*. Well played, anonymous TBWA\Chiat\Day person.


Sorrell is worrying 'about the ability to monetize social platforms'.

Over at Adweek Michael Wolff spots that Sorrell is worrying about social media, or rather the digital media advertising market. He's jawboning, Wolff concludes.

Facebook, like Google before it, is about to usher in another great depression in the value of the ad market. Its billions of user views which it can sell for fractional pennies will create, for Facebook, a cash gusher. But for everyone else, it will cheapen the value of digital media. By once again letting the technology guys control the advertising play, the chance is great that they will take volume instead of spending the time and effort to develop a more particular and exclusive branding play.