CinemaxX - MAXXIMUM SOUND - (2011) 1:09 (Germany)

CinemaxX - MAXXIMUM SOUND - (2011) 1:09 (Germany)

When you're producing movies there are two themes you dream to work with: Fast cars and massive explosions. CinemaxX wanted everything.

Introducing a new sound system by Meyer Sound to their 30 movie theaters, CinemaxX commissioned the specialists from Schönheitsfarm, Acrobat and White Horse Music to create a spot all the way from concept to execution that makes full use of the new "MAXXIMUM SOUND" experience.

To visualize the crystal clear and highly differentiated sound we turned to a technique very popular in film making and translated it into the acoustic world:


Tweet #Utøya, and shine a light for democracy all over the world

The crew who would like to be known as "Danish Friends of Norway" have created a site at that collects all mentions of # utøya and marks them on the world map, whilst turning a light on in their office. The lights action is aired live via Bambuser on the page itself that also shows the latest tweeted # utøya message.

Today is Norway's Nationale Mindedag , National day of remembering, and their Danish friends want to show Norway that they're not alone in remembering. Tweet with the hashtag # utøya to join in.


Wrigley's - Mint flavored parking tickets - (2011) case study

Wrigley's - Mint flavored parking tickets - (2011) case study

Funny, I've always said that there is no bad advertising media, just bad advertising ideas.
"What about parking tickets? That's a bad media! Nobody looks at the back of them!" one of my pals has always insisted.


Live in NYC? Want a backyard? Timeshare backyard is for you.

Here's an interesting venture spotted at laughingsquid for New Yookas who want the fun of BBQ and slippy-slides, a time-share backyard. For $50 an hour (egads!) you can specify any add-on you want, hula-hoops, popcicles, playpools or any backyard fun you would like to pitch them. This little idea of bringing the serene of the suburbs into the inner city is the brainchild of the participation agency.


Osteoarthritis can make your bones collapse like WTC in 9/11

I'm not all too familiar with Osteoarthritis, but according to this ad it can make your knees collapse like the world trade center twin towers did in 9/11. Scary stuff, I better take some meds.

Not the first ad from the world of adland to have the twin towers as visual, eaten by cookie monsters and with plances crashing into them. We collected a few pre-9/11 and post 9/11 ads under that link.


Advertising week social club - Friday playlists by yours truly.

Longtime readers of Adland will already know that I'm a fan of the Advertising week in New York city. Who wouldn't love a week full of seminars, parties and popular brand characters like Charlie the Tuna and the Pillsbury doughboy parading down Madison avenue? Lots of people? Fine, I'll rephrase that; this shindig is like made for ad-dict weirdos like you and me.


Rexona - Superhero Intern - Meteorite (2011) :30 (Argentina)

Rexona - Superhero Intern - Meteorite (2011) :30 (Argentina)

OH MY LORD! A mini meteor threatens the capitol! Quick, call the intern super hero! And hey check that out, the Copenhagen Opera house serves as the outdoor shot for the super-hero headquarters. Makes sense they'd use that place as HQ.


Should the PR lion for Mercedes "Hitchhiker" be revoked for being stealth? How about for being a copy-cat?

Flashback to Cannes lions and the Gold winning PR entry called Tramp A Benz which consisted of a man who hitchiked through Germany, but only in Mercedes Benz. He blogged about it, he facebooked it, there was even a book printed in the end showing all the nice drivers who picked him up. He was Stefan Gbureck, a former Hugo Boss model and 'emerging street photographer and performance artist from Berlin'. It all seemed to be his idea, even if he used the classic Mercedes line "The best or nothing" on his brown paper cardboard as he hitched.


MTV snaps back at Abercrombie & Fitch' as clothier's stock erodes

MTV has responded to Abercrombie & Fitch's offer to pay 'The Situation' to not wear their gear, that we talked about yesterday.

Well, a MTV spokesperson snapped back to CNN

It’s a clever PR stunt, and we’d love to work with them on other ways they can leverage Jersey Shore to reach the largest youth audience on television.


Big Tobacco sue to prevent "gross" graphics on cigarette packs, claiming it violates the First Amendment

Remember when Australia banned branded cigarette-packaging? Well now they're planning the same thing in the good old US of A and the tobacco giants there, who all stem from the states that stopped growing hemp in order to grow tobacco instead, have decided to sue to block the "gross" graphics.

Five tobacco companies have filed suit against the U.S. government claiming that government-ordered graphic warning labels on cigarette packs violate their First Amendment rights.