MTV snaps back at Abercrombie & Fitch' as clothier's stock erodes

MTV has responded to Abercrombie & Fitch's offer to pay 'The Situation' to not wear their gear, that we talked about yesterday.

Well, a MTV spokesperson snapped back to CNN

It’s a clever PR stunt, and we’d love to work with them on other ways they can leverage Jersey Shore to reach the largest youth audience on television.


Big Tobacco sue to prevent "gross" graphics on cigarette packs, claiming it violates the First Amendment

Remember when Australia banned branded cigarette-packaging? Well now they're planning the same thing in the good old US of A and the tobacco giants there, who all stem from the states that stopped growing hemp in order to grow tobacco instead, have decided to sue to block the "gross" graphics.

Five tobacco companies have filed suit against the U.S. government claiming that government-ordered graphic warning labels on cigarette packs violate their First Amendment rights.


Is the end of the boys club found in emerging markets?

The sharp tack Lucia Elliott, whom I had the pleasure of chatting with at the CampaignBrief party, shares a few thoughts on the third days session in Cannes, called "Beyond Mad Men; Gender Balance in Creative Roles".


Foot Locker hits the books - of sneaker history - for back to school campaign.

It's time for the back to school ads, and Foot Locker puns around studying hard with alternative books and historical facts. It's a sneaker thing, see. Students will read "Dunkenstein" and "For Whom the Buzzer Tolls" in the Foot Locker reading room.

"It’s a Sneaker Thing" TV spots "Wright Brothers" and "Newton" were created by SapientNitro and produced by Biscuit Filmworks. They debut on broadcast TV networks, including MTV, ESPN, and BET to name a few, beginning on August 15.

Aaron Ruell, best known for his role as Kip Dynamite in "Napoleon Dynamite" directed the commercials in the campaign.


Flying High - A Portrait of a Creative Pigeon

"We Pick Cherries is making a little ethical stand against pigeon holing and is questioning how hiring choices can sometimes be made in advertising.


If a pigeon can prevail against pigeon holing..."

I see what you did there guys. Very funny. Being pigeon holed is as old as advertising itself (and that post is really old, it's from 1999).

Adland: - challenge your twitter-pals to see who can score most goals

Just wasted too much time at where you can challenge your twitter-mates to a game of virtual soccer/football. Sorta.


Foot Locker - Newton - (2011) :30 (USA)

Foot Locker - Newton - (2011) :30 (USA)

Newton is haunted by that little thing called gravity, and all he really wanted was some hang time.


Clever ad-idea found in Canon's "second shot" site.

Dear Canon, we see that you're making seconds shots for people who failed the first time, and we think it's very clever. I know you can't help me take the second shots of my daughters entire first year, which all died in a hardware crash of ginormous proportions, but taking second shots of hastily arranged eloping and whatever else you'll be submitted is a sweet little idea. Don't botch this up, I want to see pretty pictures and happy endings. Hurry up with that Vegas shoot already!


The Clear Pill - microsite selling the movie "Limitless" not brainpills

The Clear Pill is a site supposedly shilling thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene "a powerful new class of psychotropic medication that merges various features of NDRI’s, NaSSA’s and SSRI’s. NZT works, in part, by maintaining higher levels of 5-HT in the synapse while increasing norepinephrine and serotonin neurotransmission by blocking presynaptic alpha-2 adrenergic receptors while at the same time blocking certain serotonin receptors."


Aaaaaah, it's a clever microsite that's actually selling Limitless, the movie. Just like that guy with his fake iPhone hack in Times Square.


Abercrombie and Fitch offers to pay 'The Situation' & Jersey Shore cast to stop wearing its clothes

We already heard of the brand sabotage, where designers would gift Jersey Shore cast other brands bags & gear. Because it's brand-death to be seen in the hands of Snooki.
Now it's come this this: Abercrombie and Fitch offers to pay ‘The Situation’ to stop wearing its clothes. MTV has finally managed to create the anti-sponsorship show. Congratulations!