Howling Music Scores Big on “Free Throw”

NASHVILLE— The score to Free Throw, Court Crandall’s uplifting documentary about eight inner city students from Compton, CA, competing for a college scholarship, is as surprising as the film itself. Composer David Grow of Nashville-based Howling Music Group describes the music as “simple, understated arrangements,” which are in stark contrast to the gritty, urban setting of the film.


The Lynx / Axe effect jokes are wearing thin

There's a few neat tricks over at youtube, for example shortcut scrubbing where your keypad numbers will shortcut to specific areas of a video - press 1 = 10% 2 = 20% and so on. Razorfish put their thinking cap on and wrote a script for Lynx around this little trick. Watch the film below, if you press 5, 7, 3, 8 the reporter will reveal ‘The Lynx Effect’, which I'm sure you've already figured out by now. It might amuse the type of people who will press 3 repeatedly while giggling, but I'm not one of them. Then again, I also don't buy Lynx / Axe, so I guess it doesn't matter that I think this is predictable and unfunny.


"Kids love jetlag" the fifth Fred & Farid agency opens.

Cocktails and burgers were served at the back chapel of the former Couvent des Récollets in Paris, when Nadéah took the stage with her tunes. Suddenly the hall blacked out, the music stopped, the garden lights went out as well, the Martini bars that dotted the garden went silent. Everyone was wondering what was going on.

Then this film came on screen.

KIDS LOVE JETLAG | OPENING from Fred & Farid Group on Vimeo.


Old School, New School Join Forces to Create Dynamic Content Studio at F360

Industry veteran Peter Friedman and cutting-edge creative producer Eric Tu have been steadily making their combined presence felt across


FX Networks "Sons of Anarchy" 2011 :60 USA

FX Networks "Sons of Anarchy" 2011 :60 USA

Vitamin has produced a rugged new promotional campaign for FX Network’s Sons of Anarchy. The Vitamin team conceptualized a unique hands-on approach for the package, employing a technique that gives it the feel of something out of a sketch book. Using a combination of hand-painted graphics and prints of 3D silhouetted motorcycles, the spots take us on a rumbling ride through barren oilfields and dark highways.


Wendy's - T-shirt where's the beef? - (2011)

Wendy's - T-shirt where's the beef? - (2011)

Sixty seconds of people randomly hollering "Where's the beef?" to the guy who found a vintage shirt with the slogan on it. I guess Wendy's really want's to bring back that phrase.


Ad Chat - Dena Walker

We're kicking off our first Ad Chat of October with Dena Walker, Digital Strategist at Irish International in Dublin, Ireland. Follow her on Twitter at @curlydena or keep up with her at her blog at

And now, on with the questions...

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?
As a young Account Exec, I once had to dress up as a giant sperm & run, with er, purpose, at Tamara Ingram, the then CEO of McCann-Erickson UK.

What piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you most? How or why?


NZTA - 'Ghost Chips' / Legend - (2011) :60

NZTA -  'Ghost Chips' / Legend - (2011) :60

Forget shock tactics, hello comedy. A young man "internalising a really complicated situation" as he ponders whether or not to tell his mate not to drive home.


How would Don Draper sell the Facebook Timeline? Like a carousel.

Since it's Don Draper we're talking about here the answer is: really well!
I like the touch where you see an image of Don Draper with Don Draper in the Korean war. Cute.