Poking fun at the riots and British Tourism ads (now pulled off air due to riots)

The British Tourism adding "They are not appropriate at this time". No kidding! The ads were actually running in BBC iPlayer programmes overseas, and likely appeared more than once coupled with BBC coverage of the riots.

It was of course bound to happen then, that someone decided to start mocking the British Tourism ads, with this parody. Visit Britain! Bring home a flat screen telly!


"Gamification" simply an old idea with a new name.

One of our favorite hobbies in the ad-business is the rename old phenomena with new buzzworthy lingo, then hold seminars write books and sing ka-ching all the way to the bank with it. I always felt that WOM was a bit like tupperware parties 2.0, and The Denver Egotist found this example of old school ambient from 1955. We may think we're breaking new grounds, but what we're actually doing is using the same tried and true working methods in new grounds.


If you see a pyro-tech running... Keep up. Pyrotechnik-legalisieren.de wants to legalize it

The site pyrotechnik-legalisieren.de is a campaign site to legalize all kinds of crazy pyro-tech in crowds. "Respect emotions" is their tagline, and I'm sure we'll soon see a counter-campaign stating "respect other peoples limbs, ears and eyes". Personally I love anything that goes bang, boum, ka-bloooey as long as I am the one in control of the fuse or detonator, so I kinda see where these guys are coming from. Crowds and fireworks are a scary combination though, I'm amazed that I've survived 4 new years eves in Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt which tends to go a little nuts /understatement.

You can from the pyrotechnik-legalisieren site download the pyro-tech legalize it manifest as well as posters and laster your neighborhood with.


Charlie "bit my finger" is now spokesperson for Gerber finger-foods. Oh haha.

Gerber only just discovered the "Charlie bit my finger" video, or perhaps it took them this long to secure the rights. They use the Charlie biting scene as an educational minute to teach parents why babies bite, and alert those who are suckers for cute baby-videos that this is a good age to introduce them to Gerber finger foods. Why in my day (my kid is five) I used to just slice up some fruits&veg. I could have bought pre-sliced finger foods! What was I thinking!? This is the sort of thing that might be good on the go. Just like grapes.


Huffington posts want you to design their logo. Payment: credit. You can't eat that.

We all know what Huffpo's brilliant business plan is, get people to work for free while you laugh all the way to the bank. Now however, as Huffington Post announced their competition for a new logo, they are getting their asses handed to them in the comments.

As the 2012 election news cycle revs up, we're looking to spruce up the look of our social media channels -- and we'd like your help.
Do you know your way around Photoshop or other design programs? Have a cool idea for a logo that screams 'awesome politics coverage'? Enter it in the HuffPost Politics Icon Competition.