G+ moves into meme-generating territory with new text on images feature

G+ is like the huge, rich, unpopular kid on the schoolyard, trying every trick in the book at every recess to gain popular status. This includes doing what everyone else is doing, and nicking other peoples lunch boxes. Now G+ announces a new feature 'adding funny text to photos', and we can generate meme-images without having to go to the likes of meme generator. I'm sure it'll be popular, but I'm probably not the only one who cringes every time I see Google steamroll over the smaller guys. Like when they poached customers from Mocality in Kenya, and from a more personal p.o.v. when they keep shutting adland's adsense off because they think lingerie is pornography so perfectly timed right before the super bowl as well. Do no evil, just act like that huge rich, unpopular kid in the schoolyard that everyone hates. Once school is over, you're a social pariah, enjoy.


Dabitch answers Goons & Loons loony Qs

Goons and Loons asks three questions and I do my best balancing on the line between dead serious and yanking your chain when replying. My cats new name is Lord Launch Lunch, though. That's dead serious. Oh yeah.

1. If the career you’re in now didn’t exist what would you be doing?
Inventing said career.


Come to North Dakota, where women have one thing on their mind.

The North Dakota Tourism agency has hired an agency based somewhere in 1977 to produce this ad, where two men in a bar sporting high fashion items such a teal shirt with the collar popped out on the blazer and those fancy zip-up boots ogle giggling women parading outside on the street. The headlines - there's two of them - reads

Dinner. Drinks. Decisions. Arrive a guest, leave a legend.

Since I don't even know where to begin pointing out the many wrongs here, I'll just point out the really funny. The lass on the left is clearly thinking "PENIS" in neon lights. Apparently, there are no men in North Dakota. Unless of course the women are the visitors and they hail from a place where one shops for men in windows. Sortof like the opposite of the red-light district in Amsterdam. A place where men are placed beind glass, frozen in fashion time, and fed beers until a lady pops by to use him for the evening. I'd like to see the tourism ad for that place actually.


Pizza Boomerang, it flies, it slices off body parts, it's al dente

The latest stunt from Sofa Experience Communications who are apparently a bunch of nutters having a great time in Barcelona, is the Boomerang Superhero / God. A man who invents the Ultima Pizza. One that won't burn your mouth, can travel across the earth, cut off the penises of flashers - wait, what? - and return back to the God still suitably hot and al dente to boot. Not that I'd wanna eat any pizza that's been through all that but it takes all kinds, and that song sticks to your head like pizza dough does to your hair.


What Schitcky can teach us

Here is an infomercial starring the former Sham Wow/Slap Chop spokesman who was last seen "getting the crap kicked out of him" by a prostitute.


Maybe she's born with it - maybe she's Fotoshopped

@JesseRosten mocks every single beauty product out there and Adobe with his sleek spook ad for
Fotoshop by Adobé
. He explains "this commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty." just to make sure none of the spoofed trademarked products and taglines come after him for this parody.


The Comic Sans Defenders deface logotypes

Shit Art Directors say to Comic Sans: OW! My Eyes!

Well, the Comic Sans project hope to change that. By re-doing famous and easily recognisable logotypes using only the right pantone and Comic sans, they hope you might warm up to the wonky face.


It really just a question of time before we have the Comic Sans movie. It'll be a horror film, of course. And yes, it's enterily possible thet the comic sans defenders are taking the ironic piss, which is so 90s by the way.


MLA - Sam Kekovich & Melissa Tkautz / Barbie Girl / Australia Day (2012) 3:00 (Australia)

MLA - Sam Kekovich & Melissa Tkautz / Barbie Girl / Australia Day (2012) 3:00 (Australia)

At this point the Meat and Livestock Association's Lambassador Sam Kekovich's rants on everything un-Australian could do with a bit of a twist, so here they turned it into a three minute "Barbie Girl" music video, except with lamp chops and Melissa Tkautz instead of Danish p


Hub Strategy/The Utility Collective PLYprints

Hub Strategy, the San Francisco-based integrated creative agency, has partnered with The Utility Collective to design their first-ever consumer product: ready-to-hang artwork printed on 12-inch x 18-inch maple veneer wood panels to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. These are being sold here on The Utility Collective website and plans are underway to sell the product at retail. Ten dollars from the sale of each piece will be directly donated to Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd is best-known for their aggressive protection of whales and dolphins from illegal whalers, and is featured in the Animal Planet series “Whale Wars.” This project, from Hub and The Utility Collective, reflects this protection of defending the defenseless.