A look inside of Kittywood Studios - where cat videos are born

If you don't work in advertising or post in any way, you'll still find this amusing, If you do, you might laugh even harder.

"Sometimes we do full character creation, like OMG cat, which believe it or not, started out as an animation test by one of our interns. We didn't end up hiring him."

World Wildlife Fund - Side by Side - (2011) :0:40 (UNITED STATES)

We wanted to share this breathtaking work for World Wildlife Fund. Samuel Abrahams, BAFTA-nominated director from Smuggler, directs this beautiful and evocative spot for WWF through Ogilvy.


Ray Ban - Rooftop rock - spec (2011) :60 (USA)

Ray Ban - Rooftop rock - spec (2011) :60 (USA)

Shot in Korea town on a budget of 2 large pizzas and a case of beer. SLCimages.com


Woot! todays deal: a looted monitor "Swear on me mum, it's all above board."

Woot! is where you'll get a daily deal wrapped up in a hilariously written sales pitch, but this joke might just be a bit too soon. They're offering a Famous Maker 23" 1080p LED Monitor as if it were looted, complete with rioters vs police image on the monitor.

Look, mate, don't trouble yourself about where I got it. Let's just say I'm passing the savings on to you, yeh?
Swear on me mum, it's all above board. Me mate Gez 'ere can vouch for that, can't you, Gez? An' 'e should know. 'E's the one who, er, let's say took delivery of the merchandise 'imself, right, Gez? Got 'imself a right nasty cut climbing into the, eh, distribution center, too, 'e did. All part of our commitment to low low prices an' that.

Vi Nguyen.

Vi Nguyen joins Thornberg & Forester as head of 3D and VFX supervisor

NEW YORK – Aug. 11, 2011 – The principals of award-winning design and production company Thornberg & Forester (T&F) are very proud to welcome Vi Nguyen as their head of 3D and VFX supervisor. This is a new position within the growing company, which was launched in the heart of New York City in 2007.

"I was very attracted to Thornberg & Forester's open creative environment, the quality of work and the concentration on environmental and sustainable advertising," Vi said.

"As a company, we have now grown to the point where we need Vi's leadership and amazing talents every day," explained co-founder and creative director Justin Meredith. "Working with us in a freelance capacity, he has been instrumental; by streamlining our workflow and render farm, he's made large-scale CG jobs run smoothly, and he is a proven master at resolving VFX challenges in beautiful ways. With Vi on our team, we feel that our creative powers and our capabilities are unmatched."


Buy a Bobby A Beer, lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, Keep Aaron cutting

Fullers wants to buy the hard working police a beer, any member of the England and Wales Police, Fire or Ambulance Services who presents a valid ID card in a participating pub can pick up a pint of London Pride (or wine or a soft drink) at participating pubs during the the weekend of Aug 19-21. We know they deserve one.

Meanwhile, the interns at BBH London saw the photo of Aaron Biber, 89, inspecting his barber shop that had been trashed during the riots. They want to Keep Aaron Cutting, and have launched said site to raise money to replace all of Aaron's stolen and damaged items. Including the kettle som idiot actually nicked.

Asyraf Haziq was the unfortunate student from Malaysia who had his bike stolen, his jaw broken and then his backpack ransacked by people who were helping him up. Twitter responded with lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, where you can vote on what you think should be done. One of the ideas is to pay for his student fees at Kaplan.


Link Lust: pugs in hats, photoshop looters & more

Well no wonder Nokia isn't doing too well lately, here's a shot of a Nokia ad where the model is holding an iPhone. If you can't even get people to pose with the product, you're in serious trouble.

Campaign Asia has dug into the news jobs created in the advertising business as new technologies and techniques have appeared. I'm applying for "Creative Technologists" jobs as we speak.


Don't let Linkedin use your face in Social Media ads - turn off this setting

Brandimpact shows us that this is the box you want to uncheck on Linkedin, unless you want your face and info appearing in social media ads. Just like on Facebook, which can have hilarious results like when the wife appeared in a dating ad selling "hot single girls" shown to her husband. Or when the Danish politicians face was used to promote a competing party. This can only end badly, edit your preferences now. Go to "account" and "Manage Social Advertising" to turn this off. God forbid you're seen selling a competing recruitment service when you are a recruiter, on a career networking site, no less.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry

New Zealand police attract new recruits with street art ad campaign

M&C Saatchi and Ikon Communications took to the streets, or rather street art, to spread the word and recruit more police officers in New Zealand. They commissioned NZ artist Otis Frizzell to create the street art installations, and each police portrait tells of a real experience the police officers have had - all in a days work.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry (first image) for example, found a burglar and as Julia was chasing him through the street, only able to see him when the flashes of lightning shone, Madie came from around the corner and greeted him with open arms. The perfect pincher moment. Gotcha!