Buy a Bobby A Beer, lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, Keep Aaron cutting

Fullers wants to buy the hard working police a beer, any member of the England and Wales Police, Fire or Ambulance Services who presents a valid ID card in a participating pub can pick up a pint of London Pride (or wine or a soft drink) at participating pubs during the the weekend of Aug 19-21. We know they deserve one.

Meanwhile, the interns at BBH London saw the photo of Aaron Biber, 89, inspecting his barber shop that had been trashed during the riots. They want to Keep Aaron Cutting, and have launched said site to raise money to replace all of Aaron's stolen and damaged items. Including the kettle som idiot actually nicked.

Asyraf Haziq was the unfortunate student from Malaysia who had his bike stolen, his jaw broken and then his backpack ransacked by people who were helping him up. Twitter responded with lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, where you can vote on what you think should be done. One of the ideas is to pay for his student fees at Kaplan.


Link Lust: pugs in hats, photoshop looters & more

Well no wonder Nokia isn't doing too well lately, here's a shot of a Nokia ad where the model is holding an iPhone. If you can't even get people to pose with the product, you're in serious trouble.

Campaign Asia has dug into the news jobs created in the advertising business as new technologies and techniques have appeared. I'm applying for "Creative Technologists" jobs as we speak.


Don't let Linkedin use your face in Social Media ads - turn off this setting

Brandimpact shows us that this is the box you want to uncheck on Linkedin, unless you want your face and info appearing in social media ads. Just like on Facebook, which can have hilarious results like when the wife appeared in a dating ad selling "hot single girls" shown to her husband. Or when the Danish politicians face was used to promote a competing party. This can only end badly, edit your preferences now. Go to "account" and "Manage Social Advertising" to turn this off. God forbid you're seen selling a competing recruitment service when you are a recruiter, on a career networking site, no less.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry

New Zealand police attract new recruits with street art ad campaign

M&C Saatchi and Ikon Communications took to the streets, or rather street art, to spread the word and recruit more police officers in New Zealand. They commissioned NZ artist Otis Frizzell to create the street art installations, and each police portrait tells of a real experience the police officers have had - all in a days work.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry (first image) for example, found a burglar and as Julia was chasing him through the street, only able to see him when the flashes of lightning shone, Madie came from around the corner and greeted him with open arms. The perfect pincher moment. Gotcha!


"This is our London - a little site Dare put together to support London."

Dare the agency with offices in Bristol, Vancouver, New York, and London got fed up with the horrible images from the riots spreading across the world. Yesterday @thisisdare annouced they put together this is our in record time, it's a small site that pulls all the photographs and tweets from the cleaning up process. It's the day to some yobs rioting night. It shows the London community that cares, and cheers them on.


jumP's Ziegler Knocks out Best Short at Michael Moore's Film Fest

jumP's Terence Ziegler left the seventh-annual Traverse City Film Festival in style this year, waltzing out with the Founders Prize for Best Short Film. The winning piece, Jesus Was a Commie, is a thought-provoking piece of filmic art, co-directed by Ziegler himself, in collaboration with Matthew Modine, who also starred in the film.

A 15-minute narrative-visual essay, the film blends (courtesy of Ziegler), footage of historical societal upheavals with one man's journey around modern Manhattan, asking viewers to consider Jesus' teachings through the lens of the modern world. How, the film asks, would we classify Jesus if he were alive today, practicing the philanthropic rituals and preaching the lifestyle of his legend? Would we in fact consider him a communist?

Watch the trailer here.

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore founded the Traverse City Film Festival, which in 2011 screened more than 100 films and sold more than 120,000 tickets.


Meet The Sanchez Brothers

Toronto-based Partners Film has just signed directing duo The Sanchez Brothers.

The Sanchez Brothers, actual siblings Carlos and Jason Sanchez, hail from Montreal and began their careers in the world of still photography. Their large-scale photographic prints, which are cinematic in scope and compelling in content, were quickly likened to film productions making their transition to filmmakers a logical progression.

In the one year they’ve been directing, The Sanchez Brothers have made music videos for The Stills, “I’m With You”, and The World Provider, “I Got it All Wrong”, and commercial film productions for Scotia Bank, TV5 and Familiprix.


More fans to experience Amon Tobin's phenomenal ISAM live tour

Acclaimed Performances Leverage Custom Content Creation and Bleeding-Edge Projection Mapping from Leviathan and VSL

CHICAGO - Leviathan chief scientist Matt Daly and his colleagues at the design-focused, Chicago-based production studio are very proud to detail their artistry in conjunction with V Squared Labs (VSL) which is contributing to the acclaim of Amon Tobin's live tour supporting his new Ninja Tune Records release entitled "ISAM." The tour has recently added new dates and venues, to include upcoming stops in the Netherlands and Poland this month, before returning to many major cities in North America for a dozen performances to occur in September and October. The latest information is available online at

As described in countless high-profile media articles and reviews, Tobin's breathtaking set for his ISAM performances features an array of interconnected boxes, including one central cube that acts as the artist's own cockpit. The use of real-time projection mapping and generative, audio-reactive graphics, mixed with traditionally rendered media creates one-of-a-kind experiences for each audience.

Daly and Leviathan are pleased to have built upon their longstanding working relationship with VSL's VJ, producer and director Vello Virkhaus to form the engineering and production team behind this groundbreaking project.


Fancy drowning in a Newcastle Brown Ale? Trapped in a schooner optical illusion

Fancy drowning yourself (if not your sorrows) in a Newcastle Brown Ale? If you're anywhere near the Del Mar Race Track in California, there's an 8 feet high schooner placed at the entrance of the track for fans to drown themselves in. It's a neat optical illusion, where if you stand in the right place to take a picture, it looks like you're in the glass. If you send that picture to Newcastes facebook page, you may win a prize.


13th Street - Decapitated heads as bowling balls / Bowlingheads

Jung von Matt are creeping us out with this lovely gory bowling ball set designed by spraygun artist Oliver Paass. The balls looks like decapitated heads in various states of decay, with the holes strategically placed where there's a nose, open mouths or a missing eye. Ugh! :) The decapitated head balls were placed in several German bowling alleys instead of the standard balls, and each set was finished off with a black ball advertising German horror TV channel No.1 : 13th street. Nice. Check out the balls in action.