Link Lust: Awkward post-rapture billboard and note pads for budding street artists.

The above billboard is just spot on.

The Walls Notebook is perfect for the budding street artist, as each page has an empty wall on it begging you to fill the void with something clever. Risk free tagging, for only $16.95.

Rocket shoes has the Diary of an Angry bird, which is a hilarious look inside the mind of our flight-free vengeful friends.

In the middle of battle today, some assclown flew in asking us if we needed any help. Calls himself “The Mighty Eagle.” Hey, narcissism, how’s it going? Pretty clear he’s on steroids, but no one wants to call him out on it because he doesn’t seem that emotionally stable.

Over in Japan it seems they sell boob jelly treats. Yes, little cups of some sort of boobie colored pudding (complete with pink nipple spot) served in round cups that are attached to a manga-styled female to erase any doubt that these are boobie-puddings. Why I.. I just... I.. Just ....what the.. ffff...!? Seriously though, if anyone brings me some of these I promise to eat them. Tres weird.


Callcom & McCann Israel advertise in the URL locator bar!

McCann Erickson in Israel have gone ahead and invented a new media space. When their client Cellcom asked them to promote "First Love", a branded website with teenagers love stories aimed at teenagers, the team thought of the idea of placing the message in the URL locator bar.

The idea worked, the URL bar displays short love messages and to visit cellcom site all one has to do it press enter.
"What we thought would be a nice campaign turned out to be a new media tool, as the 4 leading Israeli websites now support this new way of communicating messages, whether it's an advertising campaign or a website announcement."

You can watch how it works for yourself here at McCanns demo site. Keep your eye on the URl locator bar.


Nokia creates the worlds largest stop motion animation: "Gulp"

Wieden + Kennedy's Nokia love story ends with a bang, they're teamed up with Sumo Science at Aardman to create the worlds largest stop motion animation. (They already did the worlds smallest animation, Dot)

Shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales, every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot using a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. The film has broken a world record for the 'largest stop-motion animation set', with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet.


The iPad head girl. She's got sex on the brain.

Everyone is tweeting like mad about the "cool viral video" iPad head girl that I first saw over at Elma alt shift, and I must admit... I don't get it.

Oh I get the idea, it's funny. The iPad instead of head actually reminds me of a great Apple powerbook ad from the early nineties, where "what's in your powerbook?" was the question, and portraits of powerbook owners posing with their computers and long lists of what programs they used was the answer.

First ad in the world of Starcraft

First ad in the world of Starcraft

How to communicate something in such a hermetic world as the world of computer players? We tried to tell them something in their own language. In the language of the computer game.


Sugar Free floating billboard - hangs in the air (it's so light, geddit?)

Very interesting execution from Rediffusion Young and Rubicam in India, where they advertise Sugar Free (light) soda by hanging the billboard in the air. Yep. Huge helium balloons held this billboard up, and probably caught a lot of peoples attention.

Betsy Beale

Beale jumPs on Board as New EP

After spending more than a decade churning out advertising campaigns for top brands such as Nike, HP and Toyota on both the agency and production sides of the business, Betsy Beale is bringing her considerable talents and experience to jumP's LA office.

"Betsy encompasses all we are looking for in a powerhouse EP: incredible experience and a certain something that makes her loved by all," noted jumP MD Dee Tagert "We connected instantly and share a vision for our LA office, one I am supremely confident she will deliver."

John Adams

Director John Adams Joins Bi-Coastal Original

Culver City, CA—John Adams, whose talent for crafting smart, funny, true-to-life stories has made him one of the top comedy directors in advertising, has joined bi-coastal Original for exclusive representation. Adams joins Original after a ten-year run at Los Angeles-based Form where he directed campaigns for Bud Light, AT&T, Home Depot, Snickers and many other national brands.
"John is a phenomenal talent, an A-list director in every sense of the word," said Original partner/executive director Jeff Devlin. "I have been a fan of his for years and continue to be impressed with the incredible spirit and enthusiasm that he brings to his projects."


Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services "Tanker" 2011 :30 USA

Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services "Tanker" 2011 :30 USA

A new public service campaign breaking next week for Austin, Texas’ Live Tobacco-Free program makes the point that secondhand smoke is a danger wherever it occurs, indoors or out. Conceived by Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Austin, and directed by Scott McCullough, the new 30-second spot, in English and Spanish versions, shows a large tanker truck driving through Austin as a worker in a haz-mat suit sprays unsuspecting residents with thick, billowy clouds of noxious fumes.